Seoul Land

“You can’t be young forever but you don’t have to lose the kid in you.”

I see myself as a mature person. I focus on the positive in life. This means that I take responsibility for my life. I know how to love myself. It’s the reason why I reward myself once in a while. I never lose the kid in me.

Material things can make me smile but they don’t define my happiness. I choose to spend money on an experience than material things.

Seoul Land

Seoul Land

Seoul Land is the first Korean amusement theme park. They have different themes such as World Plaza, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, and Samchulli Hill. It is located in Seoul Grand Park.

World Plaza

The World Plaza showcases various architectural styles from different countries. I felt that I was traveling the world!

Adventure Land

The Adventure Land looks like a small village filled with log cabins. It looks very western. They have bumper boats, shooting games, roller coasters with water and without water, and King Viking! I only tried one because the line takes two hours before you try it. Btw, it’s only available for children above 130 cm. I really felt sad for the kid who waited in line but wasn’t allowed because of his height. It broke my heart when I saw him watching his parents go on the Viking while crying.

Fantasy Land

The Fantasy Land is mostly for kids. It is decorated with cartoon characters. They have bumper cars, merry-go-round, and other usual rides for kids. I think the most interesting ride for me is the Water Walk. (It’s not available in winter.) Hi Roller is also interesting!

Seoul Land (5)

Future Land

The Future Land has some rides which give you a futuristic illusion. I think this is the place where I enjoyed the most. They have a Time Machine (5D 360), Tilt House, Shop and Drop, Sky X, and many more! I wanted to try Sky X but it was reserved at that time. It is a 50m free fall from a cable. It is excluded from the entrance fee.

Look at my face in the Shop Drop LOL

Seoul Land (7)

I really had fun at Tilt house!

Lastly, Samchulli Hill is a marketplace where you can try Korean traditional food. They also have a large theater similar to Suwon Palace. I got excited when I read that they have an outdoor pool. Unfortunately, it was not open when we went there. They also have a snow sled every winter. In this area, I tried to go to the Haunted House. While waiting in line, I watched the people screaming in the Top Spin.

Seoul Land (59)

My Haunted House experience is funny. There was a “guide” wearing a really creepy costume, holding a bell. Upon entering the house, you’ll be brought into an elevator that will lead you to a cave-like place. It is where you’re supposed to be scared of different kinds of ghosts from different eras. There are different stations where we need to stop and listen to the voice-over (which is in Korean). I wasn’t really scared because I don’t understand what are they saying. Hahaha! It takes around 15 minutes to finish the tour. But it took us about an hour in the line!

I went to Seoul Land last June 6. It was a holiday in Korea that’s why it’s crowded. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from having fun!

Will I go back here?

Maybe. I might go back to try the Sky X, Outdoor Pool, or the Snow Sled.

What to do before going here?

Check out the schedule of festivals on the website. They have a Character Festival, Water Festival, Halloween Festival, Christmas Party, and Snow Party. They also have performances.

If possible, you can search for some leaflets with coupons so you’ll get a discount. I think there are also sellers online.

How to go there?

Take the Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off at Seoul Grand Park Station. From there, ride an elephant bus going to Seoul Land.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comment box! 🙂

Three Day Challenge

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  1. Hi I’m Anis and im currently studying in korea.. so im interested t go to this park so how is the process to enter the park? What is the difference between one day pass and admission ticket (day time and night time)?

    Thank you..

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