How to meet Song Joong Ki

Here’s how to meet Song Joong Ki. Check out his upcoming schedules, or just go around Seoul and take pictures with his standees!

Plan A: Check out his schedule!


5/7 Bangkok
5/14 Beijing (7.30pm @ The Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium)
5/21 Wuhan (7.30pm @ Wuhan Lobby, China Culture Expo Center)
5/27 Guangzhou (7.30pm @ Guangzhou International Sports Arena)
5/28 Shenzhen (7.30pm @ Shenzhen Bay Sports Center)
6/5 Shanghai
6/11 Hong Kong (8PM @ Asia World Expo Arena)
6/17 Chengdu
6/25 Taipei

Plan B: Visit his hometown!

Song Joong Ki’s standee can be seen all over Seoul!

COEX mall

How to meet Song Joong Ki
He is a model of the TOP TEN clothing store.


How to meet Song Joong Ki
He also endorses some beauty shops. He even has a 7 days face masks.

Any parts of Seoul with Baskin Robbins, TOPTEN, Forencos, and even Cuchen rice cookers!

How to meet Song Joong Ki
His casual outfits are so adorable!
How to meet Song Joong Ki
Walk around Seoul and get a chance to fist bump big boss! Haha!
How to meet Song Joong Ki

He’ll be staring at you while eating some ice cream.

Plan C: Buy some Song Joong Ki merchandise!

Be amazed with his photoshoots even when you can’t understand the caption. LOL
How to meet Song Joong Ki
Place his picture on your desk and be inspired the whole year! 😛
How to meet Song Joong Ki
Always bring your camera!

How to Meet Song Joong Ki Part 2

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