Drinking some cold beverage is refreshing. But drinking something with your face on it is awesome!
There’s a coffee shop named CaFace in Hongdae. The place is cozy and elegant. I think it’s not that easy to find. LOL. I had to ask some tourist assistants to get there.
Anyway, here’s how to get your selfie coffee:
First, choose a cold drink from the menu.
It costs 3,000 won to 6,500 won.
Second, go to the photobooth.
Oh before that, you have to pay 2,200 won if you want to have you face printed on your drink.
It’s a small cubicle with white tiles. It looks like a restroom LOL.
They have a phone there which you’ll use to take your selfie.
Lastly, carefully pick up your drink from the counter once the alarm (?!) rings. They have this small circle gadget that lightens up, vibrates, and alarm when the order is ready.
It’s challenging to walk from the counter to your table without distorting your face. You have to be careful. HAHAHA! I’m not that clumsy though. After few minutes of photoshoot with the coffee. I tried to stir it and watched my face get distorted.
Besides visiting this cafe, there are other cool activities to do in Hongdae.
You should really add it in your itinerary!
How to go there: 
Take the Subway going to Hongdae Station (Exit 9). Take the second left. Cross over to the side with Forever 21, and take the third right. Go straight and take the third left. Follow the alley up and you’ll see CaFace on your left. They moved to a new place. They are now located inside the Trick Eye Museum Hongdae.
서울시 마포구 서교동 358-51 (358-51 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)


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