Mt. Bukhansan

Mt. Bukhansan is my first international hike! Check out my interesting experience during the hike! I hope you learn a thing or two.

“There’s always gonna be another mountain! I’m always gonna make it move!”
Mt. Bukhansan is one of the famous mountains in Seoul. It is located in the famous Bukhansan National Park. That park won the Guinness Book of World records for the Most Visited National Park per Unit Area.
I am an adventurous person. I enjoy going to places I haven’t been. One of the activities I like to do is mountain climbing. In fact, I vowed to climb at least one mountain a year. Since I’m in Korea, I told myself that I should not leave the country without seeing the peak of Mt. Bukhansan. This month, I finally made it to Mt. Bukhansan.
Bukhansan Dulle-gil is divided into 21 sections. Originally, my plan is to go to the highest peak. Unfortunately, that peak is far from the entrance where we were. So I decided to use the Korean map given to us by the person in charge. It really tested my Korean reading skills!
I chose the path going to the Munsubong Peak. In that path, we will be able to pass by four temples and two gates! I was thrilled to see them all.
The first temple we saw was the Sambongsa Temple. When we went there, we heard a monk praying. So we decided to let him finish first before we go inside the temple.
This picture was taken by Camille. She is my new found friend. LOL. She’s a Pinay mountaineer. It’s her first time to travel out of the country alone.
After some temples, we were able to see two gates: Daesongmun & Daenamun gate.
We also tried to climb on the walls of Seoul. 
This is Munsusa temple. It is carved into a granite rock! Amazingggg!
On our way to the peak, we saw the cityscapes of Seoul.
And there you go, my one and only selfie at Munsubong peak!
In the near future, I’m planning to visit Mt. Seoraksan.
Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing!
How to go there:
Take a bus/cab to Bukhansan National Park Visitor Center.
(Bus no. 110, 143, 1113)
Map of Mt. Bukhansan
Hiking Route:
Bukhansan National Park Visitor Center – Sambongsa Temple – Yongchwisa Temple – Daesongmun Gate – Daenamun Gate – Munsusa Temple – Munsubong Peak
Admission fee: FREE! 

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  1. Hi Karla, saan ka sumakay papuntang Bukhansan National Park Visitor Center? at ilang oras nyo hinike and trail na to? 🙂 tia

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