Filipino Travel Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

Admit it or not, one of the reasons why we travel is to fill our Instagram feed with good photos. I interviewed travel bloggers from the Philippines to give some tips on how to take good Instagram Photos. Here’s what they said:

1.  Dex of Dextograph

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The greatest tip that I can give in taking an Instagrammable photo is to find the right perspective or angle in taking it. Whatever style you prefer is possible if we know how to find the right angle for it.

My current Instagram feed consists of landscape photos so I mostly pay attention to the lines if I’m taking pictures of places such as buildings or beaches. In case of taking people’s photos, I’m searching for an angle where distractions (eg: photobombers) are at a minimum such as walls, focused (blurred background), or framed shot. As for my wife, she doesn’t want to look big on pictures so I also need to take note of that. Haha!

As for editing, I’m trying to make sure that the color and light exposure is well-balanced. One should not be compromised for the sake of another. Oh and btw, the app to be used doesn’t have to be complicated either. Usage of existing presets are allowed.

2.  Grace of Nobody but Grace

Filipino Travel Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

Nice background, OOTD clothes, nice camera / Phone, and a story to tell.

Followers likes to see something that’s unique and never before places they wishes to see on their own or to experience on their own. They love to be in your shoes. A good background will do. Though a good /healthy body IG worthy is a plus also like people wants to follow those model like personalities to get tips. We love to see positivity and good looking celebrities thus we like OOTD. A well prepared but not over acting Photo will do but an over the top always sells like branded clothes and trendy dresses though if you have a fit body, some skin will do it.

3.  Valerie of Deeply Chromatic

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Have a thematic filter of your Instagram photos and make sure that every angle is aligned. Your photos will represent your personality, that why I called my blog Deeply Chromatic.

Deeply Chromatic entails a series of travel and lifestyle adventures into a noteworthy phase of different colors. My feed depends on a series of locations I’m in. Whether it be neon colors or adventures, I love combining the Chroma direction into lines of straight, diamonds or square. I use VSCO cam as a tool for editing photos as I apply a consistent filter to all posts, making the tone look expressive and soulful.

4. Mary of A Mary Road

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Personally, I love posting the photos that have been captured candidly, although this is hard to achieve sometimes as I travel alone. My followers enjoy these type of photos which I always accompany with the thoughts I have at the moment of posting or capturing it. If you love posing for a photo, I think the best way to take the most Instagrammable shot is to remember the colours around you; capture the blue sky, the green field, the stones around you. The more colours the better but remember to capture the moment, a photo that speaks for the moment your photo was caught.

I am more of an emotional writer than a photographer, I don’t own a fancy camera, I don’t know how to use Photoshop professionally. So I’ve decided, to use my love in expressing my feelings or describing how I feel the moment the photo was taken to reach out to my followers through writing an honest caption.

5. Charlotte of Charlotte Anne

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Taking good Instagram photos means practicing all the time. Personally for me, it is not about the camera you use, but it is how you compose your photo. I practice composing my photo well, taking different frames and angles of the subject for the best possible results. Whenever possible, I prefer to shoot with natural light to freeze a moment in a sharp detail. I clean my lense to ensure that every photo is of clarity and sharpness. I am not afraid to use third-party apps, my favorites are Snapseed and VSCO. Find your editing style, and try to keep this consistent. I curate my Instagram feed, posting less whilst sharing high quality photos.

6. Danica of D Bucket List

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I don’t usually plan out the photos I post on Instagram. When I travel, I usually just post a photo that will highlight how I spent my day. Photographs are memories you don’t want to forget. So make sure you capture those moments and places that you want remember. And take as many photos as you can. When you get old, you’ll thank your younger self for giving your old self so much to remember.

7. Allyana of Venturing Eden

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Last year, because I want to enjoy my singlehood season , I decided to start saving money for travel and give mountain climbing a shot. Travel won’t be complete without a souvenir and the best souvenir is having a good set of pictures that can be kept forever not just for an Instagram post.
Here are some tips to take Good Instagram Photos:
1. Know your gear, whether it’s a phone, an action camera , a  mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera. I prefer to use my phone because it is very handy especially when the trail is difficult, but I always bring my action cam with me.
2. Have a background check of the place or mountain you will venture. It will be easier to check spots worth a shot and it will save you more time.
3. Ask the locals for instagrammable views. Sometimes the view deck shot is better than the view on summit. The locals or tour guides are more familiar with the place and they are more knowledgeable on the spots and view worth posting.  The tour guides are usually trained to take good photos.
4. Try shooting from different perspectives. The view point or camera angle can create a normal view amazing. Try shooting from an elevated view of the object as if seen by bird  or from the ground looking up at your subject.
5. Have fun and enjoy God’s creation. Remember that we travel not just to share daily updates on social media but to have personal experience in every mountain we climb or places we venture.

8. Sherwin of The Adventurous Voyager

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To take a good Instagram photos basic techniques of photography should be applied. It does not matter what kind of device you are using, what’s important is how are you going to take that shot.

Be open-minded, Do not limit the power of your imagination. Know your intention when taking a photo. Make use of your surroundings. Never stop learning.

9. Sherlyn of Where’s Sherlyn?

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In taking good Instagram photos, I recommend you take a photo at all angles possible then choose which will look good on your feed. Don’t rely on “I can just shoot and edit this later” mentality because once you realized you did not get good shots which cannot be improved by editing, it was a waste of opportunity. Edit your photos with VSCO and there are filters which only go with specific types of photos, like HB2 for moody photos, S series for flatlays and white backgrounds, and C series for bright tropical-themed photos.

10. Karla of Travel with Karla

Caramoan Itinerary (8)
Caramoan Itinerary

Whenever I take post pictures in Instagram, I ask myself, “Is this post card worthy?”

Almost all of my posts in Instagram includes me. Meaning, I don’t take my pictures. I often ask people to do it for me. However, I give them instructions on what angle I want, and how much background I want to be seen in the picture.

For editing, I use VSCO or Snapseed. When I post anything, I fade it to 50%. I have themes per row, and per nine photos.

For captions, I often ask questions. It gives more engagement from my followers. I also use tags!


Who’s your favorite travel bloggers on Instagram?

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