Christmas Gift Ideas for Officemates 2022

It’s Christmas party season again! In this post, I’m going to share some Christmas Gift Ideas for Officemates.

1. Minimalist Laptop Stand

Proto Stand provides a well-designed and pocketable stand for your laptop. It includes a ball chain which makes it portable. Your officemates can even use them as a keychain. This also serves as protection for your laptop. It keeps the laptop elevated from the surface of your workstation, protecting it from any liquid spills.

What I like about it is that it is customizable. You may include the name and the profession of your colleagues. It comes in four colors: Dark Brown, Brown, White, and Black.

2. Better Hue Bundle

This includes Shaky Bum Bum Butt Whitening Scrub, Up Up Hooray Underarm Whitening Cream, HappiKnees Knees & Elbows Whitening Cream, and Rock-A-Bikini Bikini Whitening Serum. This is perfect for your colleagues who want to have a whiter butt, knees, elbows, and bikini area. These products are hypoallergenic, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben free, and cruelty-free.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Officemates

3. Babe Formula Shampoo & Conditioner

Bad hair day in the office? Babe Formula Shampoo & Conditioner are infused with nourishing ingredients to keep your hair looking good and smelling good! These ingredients include collagen, hydrolyzed keratin, aloe vera, and shea butter.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Officemates

4. Moon Beam Hair Spray by Babe Formula

Moon Beam Hair Spray protects the hair from damage due to thermal treatments and exposure to UV rays. It makes your hair shiny, soft, and smooth! This contains protein, amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, and castor oil.

5. Handy Dandy Antibacterial Cream by Simply Hue

Handy Dandy Antibacterial Cream does not only kills germs and bacteria. It also hydrates and moisturizes hands. This can improve skin texture. Also, it smells really good!

6. Eye Got U Gel Serum by Simply Hue

Too tired from looking at your laptop screen? This Eye Got U Gel Serum is designed to clear up your eyes and remove dark circles. This serum includes a moisturizes to keep your eyes fresh.

7. Benefeet Therapy Cream by Simply Hue

Dry feet? Cracked heels? Benefeet Therapy Cream can make your feet smoother and softer. This gives a cooling sensation to soothe your tired feet.

8. Avo Babe Hair Day Masque

For as low as 349 pesos, you can may your colleagues feel that they went to a hair salon. Avo Babe Hair Day Masque has intensive Tri-Keratin Treatment. Besides moisturizing the hair, it also protects it from harmful UV rays. It also provides a protein boost which makes the hair strands healthier and stronger.

9. Personalized Bamboo Mugs

Reza Primera Engraving is an advocate of eco-friendly items. They personalize wood and bamboo products like mugs, coasters, phone holders, hair brushes, and even ref magnets. Let’s promote eco-friendly items in the office!

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I hope this list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Officemates helped you in deciding which gift to buy. Some of the products mentioned above are available on A-City. They have a Shopee and a Lazada shop. You may check their other products on their social media accounts:

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  1. Perfect timing! I still haven’t decided on a gift for my kikay coworker. I honestly don’t know what to gift her because I’m not exactly a kikay, so it’s a challenge. Hahaha! Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. My husband received a laptop stand from a colleague a few years ago and he really appreciated it. So I think for people like him, that really works as a gift.

  3. Wow so nice Christmas gift idead for officemate. Yes agree po ako malaking bagay ito and sure na talagang magiging memorable sa kanila.

  4. Thank you for sharing this . Perfect tlga ito mga pang gifts , sure na magugustuhan ng mga mkakatanggap ?

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