Get to Know Teacher Karla

Get to Know Teacher Karla: You probably know me as a travel blogger but in this post, you’ll get to know more about me as a teacher. I got these questions from one of my followers on Instagram for her homework.

1. What motivated you to become a teacher?

My mother is a teacher. Since she’s my role model, I was greatly influenced by her. At a young age, I was teaching kids in our church during Sunday Schools, Vacation Church School and even during Children’s Camp.

2. How do you describe a “best teacher”?

For me, the best teacher is someone who has the mastery of the subject and has the ability to inspire and motivate students to learn. To be the best teacher, you have to make sure that you use your mind and your heart when teaching the students.

3. What are your great qualities or strengths as a teacher ?

I would say that I’m flexible. I can teach people of different ages. During my early years of teaching, I was able to teach primary and secondary school students. When I moved to Korea, I taught pre-school and adults. Now, I’m currently teaching medical professionals. I think teachers who are flexible can teach students of from different age groups.

Get to Know Teacher Karla

In addition, I’m very patient. I don’t give up on students easily. I believe that people have multiple intelligences so I try to use different methods of teaching to make sure that everybody gets my lessons.

4. Do you consider yourself as an effective educator? Why do you say so?

In my opinion, I would say that I’m an effective educator. I can measure it with the passing rate of my students. Every month, most of my students get there target band scores on their IELTS exam.

Besides the numbers, I am proud that my students from many years ago still keep in touch with me. I believe that students may forget the lessons that I taught them but they will always remember how I made them feel. I make personal connections with my students.

5. There are times that your discussion seem so boring, how do you convert this situation into a meaningful lesson and make your teaching more interesting?

I always make sure to prepare some activities that involves body movements. Ice breakers helps but it’s better if the lectures are interactive.

6. What do you dislike most about teaching?

The paperwork! As much as I love teaching, there are still tasks outside the classroom. It includes checking of exams, computing grades, and a lot more reports.

7. How do you cope with teaching challenges?

I plan my day. I list all my tasks and make sure to address them. If there are challenges that I can’t address on my own, I ask for help.

8. What changes have you created as a teacher that bring great impact directly to your learners and to your community?

As an educator, I also work on my advocacy to Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (EOSEC). I coordinated with the local government and non government agencies to make this possible. This gave me opportunity to teach 200 children in our community about my advocacy.

Get to Know Teacher Karla

9. In your own perspective, how important is your role as an educator?

My role as an educator is vital. It’s cliché but teachers shape the future. Now that I’m teaching medical professionals, I can see that I’m a big help in achieving their American Dream. Whenever they pass the IELTS, they are a step forward in getting their goal.

10. What’s the best advice about teaching can you give to those future educators?

Never stop learning. Teachers should always make effort to improve their skills and teaching methods.

Get to Know Teacher Karla
Get to Know Teacher Karla

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  1. I love I love your answers, Karla. While reading them, I realized that being a teacher is not easy, but the rewards are fulfilling in the end. Your influence as an educator can last for a lifetime. You inspire people, and help them achieve their dreams. I have high respect for teachers who are struggling in this virtual type of learning. Oh, you’re an IELTS teacher too! Ang galing naman. I took my IELTS before and mahirap siya but I passed. Thanks to my teachers who helped me get the score of 7. Haha.

    Keep on!

  2. Becoming a teacher is one of my many dreams when I was young. I really look up to teachers and still believe up to this day that teaching is a noble profession. Shaping minds and helping people achieve their dreams and become better versions of themselves is truly a rewarding experience. It was nice getting to know more about you, Teacher Karla!

  3. Such an inspiring woman and I salute you Ate Karla for being an educator/teacher. I suddenly miss my highschool and professor during my school years. Keep doing great for your students!

  4. We are a homeschooling family and honestly, I also hate the paperworks! Flexibility is also required in my turf as I homeschool three kids of different ages and varying levels. But I love it! My mom was an educator, too. Used to own and run a grade school in las pinas before she retired.

  5. You’re so inspiring , Karla! I’m sure all the students, kids to adults na naturuan mo were all lucky to gain knowledge from you. ☺️ I like what you said when you don’t give up on students easily. Indeed people have multiple intelligences and we have to teach them based on that.

  6. wow ang galing mo Ms.Karla👏How to be you po😍dati dream ko din po talaga maging teacher kaso di kinaya..

  7. nitong nag start ang home schooling / modular learning ni Coco, na realize ko how hard it is para sa isang teacher, kahapon lang eh, umiiyak ako kasi ayaw niya mag modules, gusto lang daw niya mag play. imagine nasa physical classroom na at me teacher na sasabihin pagod na magsulat. ang patience ng teacher wagas!!! hanga ako!!! yun lang i hope teachers also learn how to adjust sa makabago.. or baka too old na kasi adviser ni coco? hehe

    napaka precious ng iyong role model teacher karla! hanga ako sayo sa lahat ng sacrifices ninyo!

  8. Napakainspiring naman ni Teacher Karla. My mama is a teacher at may time na pinangarap ko din maging teacher. God bless at saludo kami sa inyong mga educators!

  9. Teaching is a good profession and needs passion and dedication. Knowing that your students passed, is the most rewarding experience. We need more teachers like you!

  10. Awww, you’re always someone i will look up to. You do so many things like I don’t even know how it’s possible. The lord should bless you with two bodies para makagawa ka pa po ng more good in the world ayieeee

  11. Such an inspiring story and qualities. They are worth sharing to motivate and empower fellow teachers. As a teacher, we should never cease to learn. What a great advice!

  12. Such an ideal and admirable teacher Karla! 😍😍😍
    Thank you so much po for the time and effort you spent sharing your inspiring story in your teaching career. I’ve learned a lot of strategies and tips from you especially on being flexible teacher, no wonder you’re really an effective educator. I also love your ways and advocacy on how to deal serious issues specifically the sexual exploitation to young females. I know that you’ve already helped a lot of young minds. Keep it up and may God bless you always.💙💙💙

  13. Wow I am glad to know your teacher side. This q and a is inspiring. I love your answers like the best teacher has the ability to inspire and motivate, you make personal connection with students, and your advocacy to EOSEC. You are admirable ms Karla.

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