Tiffany Circle Challenge | Day 6 to 10

This is my final post about the Tiffany Circle Challenge. I’m so happy that I was able to finish the 10-Day Challenge. I actually plan to continue doing them. Here’s a glimpse of how my week went.

Day 6 – Sleep well and on time.

I have so many emails on Mondays. It’s always a busy day because I do not open my email during the weekends. Despite the busy schedule, I make sure to have enough sleep. My average sleep is 6 to 8 hours a day!

Tiffany Circle Challenge
Try drinking the Tiffany Taro Milktea while working. It’s so refreshing! | February 21, 2022

Day 7 – Actively try to learn something new.

Today I finished the audiobook called Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is so helpful for me. In fact, I was able to have this habit of editing 10 blog posts a day. My goal for this month is to fix the SEO of my website. So far, I find myself being productive every day. Anyway, I’m currently listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad. These audiobooks are free on Spotify. Let’s learn from them!

Day 8 – Spend time with someone you love.

I didn’t have any pictures today. I always spend time with my family because I work from home. Last weekend, we ate out to celebrate my late grandfather’s birthday at Memory Lane in Tagaytay.

Memory Lane, Tagaytay | February 19, 2022

Day 9 – 1 hour “Me Time”

There are times when I have to do some “side gigs” in the morning before going to work in the afternoon. Today, I delivered a speech to 300 students from Philippine Christian University – Senior High School. It’s crazy how I manage to do all these activities while being a full-time teacher. After all my errands for the day, I turned off my laptop and phone and spent 1 hour “Me Time”. I ended up sleeping after that. LOL.

Tiffany Circle Challenge
Top Tips on Travel Vlogging Webinar | February 24, 2022

Day 10 – Do something from your New Years Resolutions List

Today’s a holiday. I and some of my friends from Sangguniang Kabataan went to the Mall of Asia to buy some jackets, polo shirts, and shirts for our upcoming activities. We spent the entire day looking for shops where we can find sizes from XS to XXL. To make the long story short, I was able to achieve my target steps! I even went beyond 10,000 steps!

Tiffany Circle Challenge
Mall of Asia | February 25, 2022

One of the guidelines I wasn’t able to accomplish is to declutter. I’ll definitely do that within the week. After all, Tiffany Circle Challenge is one of the most flexible yet effective ways to start building healthy habits.

Travel with Karla

Tiffany Circle provides healthier alternatives to your favorite drinks. They have transformed your drink cravings into low-calorie, gluten-free, keto-friendly beverages with no added sugar. Now, you can have your cravings satisfied guiltlessly!

I’ve only tried the Taro Milk Tea and Sakura Milk Tea. Both of them satisfied my cravings for milk tea! I don’t feel guilty for taking this delicious and healthy drink!

Karla of Travel with Karla

Wanna join the 10-Day Tiffany Circle challenge? Check out their social media accounts:

Travel with Karla


  1. ahhh..I was kind of expecting a different post under your spend your time with your loved one, hahaha. in time… magiging iba na din ang entry mo under that:-)

  2. This challenge sounds super interesting and i could see that it has done you a lot of good. God knows how stressed ive been lately and totally wanna slow down and do other things aside from work haha

  3. Bet ko yan from day 6 to 10 very productive po may me time?and kasama loved ones natin. Perfect bonding na din yung drinks kasi healthy naman?kaya must try yan

  4. Wow so nice nman ng tiffany challenge mo ng day 6-10 . Ako bilang nanay gusto ko dn maranasan ung ME TIME ng 1hr ?

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