Tiffany Circle Challenge | Day 1

Today marks the first day of my 10-day Tiffany Circle Challenge. The challenge for today is to write about 5 things that you are grateful for.

5 Things I’m Grateful For

1. My mental health

I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in the past few days. In the first week of January 2022, I met a guy and we dated once or twice a week until last week. I really had a great time for a couple of weeks with him. Recently, I discovered that he’s in a complicated situation so I had to let him go. I was hurt a bit after the revelations but I eventually moved on right away. I know what I deserve.

Bag of Memories Photobooth | Ian Dale Tesoro
Bag of Memories Photobooth

Life has lots of surprises and I’m glad that I don’t get any mental breakdowns during difficult times. I love how I manage to have my own peace.

Tiffany Circle Challenge - La Bella Tagaytay
A photo he took during our Staycation at La Bella Tagaytay | February 6, 2022

2. My physical health

I recently got my 2nd shot of Gardasil 9. It’s a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, and vaginal infections. It’s 8,000 pesos per shot but I would say it’s a great gift to myself. Health is a good investment!

Tiffany Circle Challenge
This is me at the age of 28. I’m pretty confident with my body but I really want to have those abs. LOL.

3. My career

I’m thankful that I have a fulfilling job that can provide for all my needs and wants. Just yesterday (February 16, 2022), I had my first tattoo! LOL. I had an ombre brow treatment from The Beauty Studio. I’ll try to make another blog post about my experience.

Tiffany Circle Challenge
Ombre Brow Treatment at The Beauty Studio

4. My family

I grew up with a happy family. I think it’s a big factor why I don’t have any major issues in life. My mom and I are graduating next month! Yup, we just finished our master’s degree and I’m really proud of her! My siblings are also doing well in their academics so I really don’t mind spending money on their tuition fees and all.

FreshMinds Digital Photography
Family Portrait by Freshminds Digital Photography

5. My friends

This year, I vow to spend more time with my friends. I keep on finding myself dating different people who just give me emotional damage. LOL! This time, I would accept more invitations from my high school friends, college friends, and colleagues.

Tiffany Circle Challenge
Jayme’s Birthday | February 5, 2022 | The last time I passed out after drinking too much tequila. LOL!
Travel with Karla

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Travel with Karla


  1. Love the scope it was in… Worth to try and live by it ! I wanna give it a try ! Lot of things to consider and it’ll be such a big help

  2. Wow ang ganda challenge naman po nito looking forward sa 9 days mo pa Ms. Karla anyway kudos po kasi nalaman mo agad. And grateful din talaga tayo pag ok ang family ang family natin.

  3. Gusto ko na din itry itong tiffany challenge . Pero naloka ako sa 1st mo ms karla ? hndi mo tlga un deserve , tma lang na i let go siya! Nanggigil ako sknya charr ? any way anjan naman po ang family and friends mo na lagi din anjan para sayo ❤️

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