FreshMinds Digital Photography Experience: Yay or Nay?

Freshminds Digital Photography is one of the leading companies in Cavite that provides good quality photo and video services. They are in the business since 2004. With this, my family decided to hire them for a family photo shoot.

Reply 1988 Family Picture
Reply 1988 Family Picture


They are quite on demand. You can’t just ask them for an appointment days before your planned photoshoot. Most of the time, they are fully booked so I advise that you contact them weeks before your event.

I contacted them on their Facebook Page FreshMinds Digital Photography. I’m glad that they reply even after office hours. They are very accommodating.

For payment, they require 50% (non-refundable) for reservation and the other 50% will be paid on the day of the shoot. People can pay by bank transfer to BPI, BDO, or PNB. Cancellation or changes in reservations made in less than 24 hours will be paid in full.


We arrived there a few minutes early for our schedule. They let us go up to the studio right away. I love how they value time. They begin and end promptly. By the way, they also have overtime rates if you will extend for an hour. In my opinion, two hours is more than enough for a family shoot.

Here are the different setups per floor:

On the first floor, you’ll see a lot of colors. It’s actually good for a white-themed outfit.

FreshMinds Digital Photography

The second floor contains one small restroom where people can change clothes easily.

FreshMinds Digital Photography

I wasn’t able to see the third floor but I guess it’s more suited for corporate shoots.

Freshminds Digital Photography
Freshminds Digital Photography

How much is a photoshoot in FreshMinds Digital Photography?

Freshminds Digital Photography

The photographers are easy to work with. They are quick to recommend some poses. We didn’t waste any time thinking about what to do. In addition, they have modern equipment for lighting.

Getting the Pictures

Right after the shoot, they gave us a flash drive with raw photos. The staff asked us to choose 40 photos from those hundreds of files. I sent them the file names the next day. After 10 days, we received the edited files. I couldn’t be happier with the good-quality photos they sent us.

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FreshMinds Digital Photography Experience: Yay or Nay?

It’s definitely a YAY for me! First, the Fresco Studio House is really impressive. Every corner is perfect for Instagram. Second, the photographers are skillful and easy to work with. They also use modern equipment. Lastly, the edited pictures are worth the price we paid. I highly recommend FreshMinds Digital Photography for your family pictures!

  • Location: 219 Lalaan 1st, Silang, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: 046-8653036 / 09178003050 / 09175117440 / 09199916351
  • Website:
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  1. Ganda ng shots talagang macacapture ang mga great moments with our loved ones ? so cute po ng mga pictures nyo ?

  2. Ang dami niyo ding set ah! i love all your photos so it is a yay! ang nice at least di niyo na kailangan dumayo dito sa manila, since merong magagaling din sa area ninyo! ps. pag may baby baka kulang ang 2 hours 😀

  3. Woooow! Those photos look awesome! I’m very convinced ah that my family should book a photoshoot with them too. It looks worth it for its price. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Super love it! Nice family photo and by the way, I love your sister’s style. She has a nice collar bone and shoulders which is good for a model.

  5. Yay na yay po! Reasonable price, impressive studio, professional staffs, and great shots. Highly recommended to for me.

  6. Yay lahat ng kuha ??ganda ng family photo niyo po galing din ng photographer kuha yung ganda ng background and quality ng camera.

  7. Glad that you enjoyed your photoshoot and was satisfied with the results!! Honestly, love your pictures!! Really on high quality and show that you enjoyed your photoshoot!! ??

  8. Yay ! I can see you’re all comfortable with this photoshoot! A family to remember! Captured memories plus the fact that it was the best choice for us !

  9. Its Yay! Super good Ang Photography talaga maam,Dabest! Maam i love the quality maam and Syempre Dabest din ang Family! ☺️?

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