Our family tried to recreate Reply 1988 Family Picture

Reply 1988 Family Picture is my family’s inspiration on our latest family photoshoot. It’s a Korean Drama about the life of some typical Korean families in the year 1988. I must say that it is one of the best Korean Dramas of all time!

I’ve seen a lot of prenuptial photos which are inspired by our favorite Korean dramas. Since I’m not in a relationship yet, I tried to have a family photoshoot instead! Here’s what happened:

Reply 1988 Family Picture

Planning the Photoshoot

1. Set the date!

The first thing that you need to do is to find the availability of your family members. Make sure that all of them are free on that day. Photoshoots take an hour or two. However, if you plan to hire a hairstylist and makeup artist, you have to set extra hours for that.

2. Prepare your outfits.

The usual family pictures have themes. Some wear all-white and jeans, others wear pajamas. Have a specific theme and let all the family members know weeks before the shoot so they have time to prepare.

3. Select a great studio.

In our family photoshoot, we selected FreshMinds Digital Photography as our venue for the shoot. For as low as 6,000 pesos, we were able to use the first and second floor. Their package includes two hours use of studio and 30 to 40 enhanced photos in flash drive. Their photographers and staff are easy to work with. In addition, they are fully-equipped with materials for photoshoot. I’ll provide a separate blog review about my experience with them.

Reply 1988 Family Picture (Inspiration)

Reply 1988 Family Picture

Reply 1988 Family Picture (Our Version)

Reply 1988 Family Picture

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on recreating your favorite Korean Drama family pictures. All you need is a dose of creativity and the support of your family members!

Karla of Travel with Karla

Did we nail it?

Feel free to write your thoughts on the comment section!

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  1. You have a very supportive family. You look good in yellow, too. Kitang-kita din na nag-enjoy ang family mo sa photo-shoot ninyo.

  2. Yes po you nailed it perfectly! I love your creativity and how you managed to have awesome family pictures without spending a lot of money. Thanks for sharing us your experience and tips.

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