How to Make Time for Kdrama?

Maybe you’re wondering how people make time for Kdrama. Students spend most of their time at school. Employees spend at least eight hours at work. How do they make time for Kdrama? I asked my followers from Travel with Karla and here’s what they say…

1. At Dawn

Some people wake up extra early to watch at least an episode before going to work.

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
Ji Chang Wook’s Kdrama List

2. While in the bus or train

Kdrama fans don’t mind the traffic as long as they can watch drama while traveling to work or school. If you’re from the South like me, going to Manila takes about three to four hours. That means three to four episodes!

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
Song Joong Ki’s Kdrama List

3. During Meal Time

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Kdrama fans loves multi-tasking! Isn’t it nice to eat with your oppa?

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
Gong Yoo’s Kdrama List

4. At Work

Do it at your own risk! You’re not getting paid to watch Kdrama. LOL.

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
Park Bo Gum’s Kdrama List

5. After Class/Work Hours

One of the reasons why we want to go home right away is to watch Kdramas!

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
So Ji Sub’s Kdrama List

6. At Night!

The night is long. If the drama is really good, it may extend until the morning.

How to Make Time for Kdrama?
Lee Min Ho’s Kdrama List

7. During Weekends

This is the time we can finish the whole drama in one sitting! Want to save money? Watch Kdrama on weekends!

Travel with Karla

How about you? When do you watch Kdrama?

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  1. Ako naman habang ginagawa ang mga gawaing bahay kahit pagtutupi ng laundry. Ayan sa harap ang cellphone! Hahaha

  2. Ang bagal and tamad ko manood ng kdrama. Still cannot finish Reply 1988. For me, I can only watch at night kasi I am not distracted with work and house chores.

  3. True!!! All thise photos of oppas I hve watched. Seen Terius too. And yeah, we kdrama fanatics can all relate to this. Even while breastfeeding, doing the dishes or just doing your thing, maisingit lang few minutes hahaha

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