Where to Eat in Carmona: Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Suijin Japanese Restaurant is now serving authentic Japanese food for the people in Carmona, Cavite! Southies can now say “Itadakimasu!”

Suijin Japanese Restaurant
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What to Order?

Suijin Japanese Restaurant offers a lot of Japanese dishes. This includes salads, otsumami, donburi, noodles, and sashimi. They also have delicious fried dishes and grilled dishes.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Temaki Sushi

This is my first time trying DIY Sushi! You will be given some Nori and you can customize your sushi with these fresh ingredients. Besides the impressive plating, this sushi tastes really good!

Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Miso Soup and Tonjiru

I always love to have soup whenever I eat rice. This one is a must-try because they have actual pork on it. I’d say it’s worth the price!

Suijin Japanese Restaurant


Their sashimi did not disappoint me. I love that it is fresh and firm. Moreover, I’d like to say that they use high-quality meat.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Grilled Fishes

Among the grilled fishes, I tried the Shio Saba (280 pesos). I love the savory taste of the fish. It’s really soft and rich in taste. They also serve Hokke, Sanma , Sawara Miso Yaki , Shake Kabuto Yaki, and Ajino Hiraki. The price ranges from 280 to 380 pesos.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant

Fried Dishes

They serve nine types of fried dishes. This includes Tori Karaage, Tonkatsu, Miso Katsu, Ebi Tempura, Tempura Moriawase, Croquette, Ebi Fry, Kaki Fry, and Cream Croquette. The price ranges from 240 to 420 pesos.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant
Tonkatsu (320 pesos)

I’m impressed with the big serving of Tonkatsu. It also comes with a cup of rice which is ideal for Filipino’s appetite. In addition, I totally recommend the mouthwatering Tori Karaage. It’s tasty, crispy, and definitely not oily. I’d like to have this again on my next visit.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant
Tori Karaage (280 pesos)
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Suijin Japanese Restaurant is located in Remington Building, Governor’s Drive, Maduya, Carmona, Cavite. It’s accessible using public transportation. On the other hand, if you’re using private transportation, just search Puregold Carmona as the landmark. They are open during mall hours.

Suijin Japanese Restaurant

For more details, you may also follow them on their social media accounts.

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I enjoyed dining at Suijin Japanese Restaurant. The minimalist ambiance will really make you feel that you are in Japan. Also, the authentic Japanese food they serve will definitely satisfy your cravings.

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  1. I would like to visit this place and try their foods. The servings are generous and looks delicious as well

  2. Thank you for sharing this , gusto ko dn mka visit dito kse malapit lapit lng dn smin , ang sasarap ng mga foods ,the best tlga ang japanese foods , and ung ambiance ng restaurant ang ganda ❤️?

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