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TOMO in UPLB is finally open! You can now experience Japan in UPLB! It’s been a while since I last visited University of the Philippines Los Banos, my alma mater. So much has changed, I can barely recognize the establishments outside UP Gate. It gives me a bittersweet feeling to see all the changes. Anyway, since the only permanent thing in the world is change, let’s embrace it and explore some good stuff in UPLB. Let’s talk about TOMO!

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TOMO is a Japanese-inspired restaurant. They serve Japanese food like Ramen, Karaage, Tonkatsu, Omoraisu, and Beef Kare. We tried the Ramen and Tonkatsu.


I ordered the ramen full toppings. It has onsen tamago, gyoza, and chashu. I must say that you’ll really get what you paid for. The serving is big, and the ramen tastes good. They also serve the toppings generously.



The Tonkatsu is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The taste is good because it’s flavorful but not salty. The serving size is just right.


Fresh Kyuri Lemonade

It lives up to it’s name. I can feel some bits of fresh cucumber while sipping the lemonade. It’s perfect in quenching thirst in the hot weather of Los Banos.


TOMO Menu:


What I like about TOMO is that they also serve affordable meals called Pinoy Affordabox. They serve some Lumpiang Shanghai, Sisig, and even Pares on a bento box.

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TOMO came from the Japanese word TOMODACHI which means “friend”. The owners are very hands on. They really make time to talk to the customers.

I also noticed that they have honesty bucket on the side. It’s very Japanese! I’ve heard a lot of stories about how honest Japanese are.

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TOMO is located at the second floor of Vega Arcade. Vega Arcade is the building where Starbucks and Watsons are located.


I like the minimalist interior of TOMO in UPLB.


Random pictures from Japan are displayed on the walls.


In addition, they also sell some Japanese products. I even saw some shampoo bars on the side.

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TOMO will give you a Japanese experience while you’re in UPLB. The ambiance and the taste of the food will definitely make you feel that you’re in Japan. My long trip to LB is worth it!

Karla Obispo or Travel with Karla

Check out TOMO at Vega Arcade UPLB Gate Facebook Page to be updated with their promos.

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  1. Hi ate! From elbi ka din pala, fan mo ko sa adventures mo. Sana nakita kita nung nagpunta ka. Sana mameet kita sa next punta mo. Btw, ngayon ko lang nalaman yung TOMO dahil sayo. Invite ko blockmates ko diyan. Thanks ate. Sana mapansin mo tong comment ko.

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