How to Start a Community Pantry

How to Start a Community Pantry

A community pantry is a community based program that collects and stores food for free distribution. This aims to help the people who lost their jobs during the pandemic and those who have low-income. The lack of support coming from the government pushed a lot of people to create a community pantry. It started last April 14, 2021 at Maginhawa which was organized by Ana Patricia Non. Now, there are more than three hundred community pantries in the Philippines. If you’re planning to have your own, here are some steps on how to start a community pantry.

1. Get support from the community.

The first thing that you need to do is to identify the people in the community who are willing to help. You can start by posting on social media accounts. It is also best if you will share it on the Facebook groups of your barangay.

How can people help?

  1. People can help by donating food and other essential products.
  2. Some can help in repacking goods and in organizing the human traffic.
  3. Others can donate cash.
How to Start a Community Pantry

2. Search for a conducive venue.

In selecting a good spot, people must consider the accessibility. It must be situated in a place where people can easily go to. A place with good ventilation is advised to avoid the spread of any diseases.

3. Create some signages.

Make sure to post some reminders about the safety protocols. In addition, post what the community pantry is about “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha ayon sa kailangan.” (Give according to your ability, take according to your need)

4. Organize the food and other products.

Prepare some tables and containers to organize the food. You may also repack goods like rice so it is easier for people to get them.

5. Post them on social media.

Well, this is optional. There are three reasons why I encourage you to post it. First, it will help people to know that this exists, the people who are in need can locate your community pantry easily. Second, for transparency purposes, the sponsors can know where they money went. Lastly, this can inspire more people to donate more and even start their community pantry.

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  1. Karla, belated happy birthday! I am super proud of you and got inspired to really initiate a community pantry dito sa amin. This article is soo helpful and it’s nice to know these things muna before even starting. Kaso now, I’m trying to look for ways to do community pantry na hindi kelangan maging crowded yung place. Tipong madaliang kuha lang ganon 😀 kasi unfortunately, may nag positive sa amin because of this event.

    1. Thanks Khae! Super di talaga maiwasan yung crown dahil ang daming nangangailangan these days. Ang gagawin ko for next Sunday, di ako mag-aannounce na meron. The other week kasi, dinadayo na talaga siya ng mga taga-ibang lugar e.

  2. At this time talaga, we cannot rely to our government so we have to make an effort to help those who are in need. Salute to you and your family ate!

  3. good job ka jan for doing this for your community! okay nga din kasi ngayon me mga facebook community na din most barangays/community kaya mas madali na din mag announce at mag reach out and ask help!

  4. I’m also curious how to organize a community pantry as I wanted to help my barangay too. Thanks for sharing these basic tips. My church organized one and we just helped out by donating some essential goods.

    I admire people who have the heart to help even if they are also suffering from their own problems or crisis. Yeah, agree dapat talaga well-ventilated ang place kasi sobrang init lately, baka tayo maheat stroke, Lol.

  5. If the local council supports the establishing of community pantry then hassles will be less. It can be managed by local volunteers. Together, a community pantry will be a success.

  6. Ang galing lang nung nakaisip nitong idea na to!!! Tayo-tayo na lang kasi talaga ang magtutulungan. By the way, nakita ko yung post mo about sa community pantry sa lugar niyo. Congrats!!!

  7. A good, comprehensive list! I truly applaud whoever thought of this idea and set it into action. Goes to show that people are both creative and charitable when moments require it. I only wish we were all like this more often, hindi lang due to the pandemic. ?

  8. These are the great tips to consider when organizing this project. From preparing the community pantry to safety protocols of everyone.

  9. Thank you so much for this relevant info. Ms. Karla.. It’s really amazing to start a well-planned and organize pantry especially nowadays talaga na marami ang nangangailangan ng tulong.

  10. this is very nice and very helpful lalo na ngayong panahon madaming kababayan antin ang matutulungan nitong pantry?

  11. This community pantry is really amazing. I really love the whole idea of this which is helping other people who are in need and greatly affected by this pandemic. Helping other people gives us a different feeling that makes us feel like a hero. This is truly remarkable.

  12. Thankyou for this po ms karla. Very helpful po ito. Para sa mga gusto o may planong ng mga kanilang sariling pantry.. Worth it po ang pag babasa ko..

    1. This community pantry is really amazing. I really love the whole idea of this which is helping other people who are in need and greatly affected by this pandemic. Helping other people gives us a different feeling that makes us feel like a hero. This is truly remarkable.

      1. Thank you for sharing this po . Ito ung gusto tlga din gawin sa lugar nman .. para nman makatulong sa mga nanganagilangan lalo na sa panahon ngyon . Kse wala din iba mgtutulungan kundi tayo tayo lang din ??

  13. I like this community pantry coz it promotes the spirit of bayanihan. This is very relevant today coz we are being challenge with the uncertainty of pandemic. The steps that you have listed are very helpful for those who are planning to start their own community pantry.

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