Realfit Gopods E5: Yay or Nay?

Realfit Gopods E5 is one of the electronic gadgets that I use every day. I use it whenever I do my daily workout. In this post, I’ll give you a quick review of this product.

What’s inside the box?

It includes earbuds (left and write), charging box, eartips (small, medium, large), USB cable, and getting started manual.

Realfit Gopods E5

Realfit Gopods E5: Yay or Nay?

1. It’s easy to use.

It’s actually my first time to use an earbuds. I thought that it’s difficult to use but it’s actually easy after the bluetooth pairing. You just have to take out the earbuds from the charging box for auto ON. Putting the earbuds back to the charging box turns it OFF right away. What I love about it is that it auto connects to a previously paired device when powered on.

2. It lasts long.

I love that the battery lasts long. It can lasts for about three hours of continuous call. You may use it for five hours uninterrupted game playing, six hours uninterrupted movie watching, and four and a half hours of music!

3. It is lightweight.

It weighs lighter than an A4 paper! In fact, it only weighs 4.1 grams. My ears don’t get tired easily whenever I use them.

4. The sound quality is good.

It doesn’t have a blasting sound. The beautiful appearance matches the quality of the product!

5. It’s affordable!

It’s currently 56% off on Shopee! Instead of the usual 1,598 pesos, you only need to pay 699 pesos. You may also use this code: 3WVPKARLA for additional discounts!

Realfit Gopods E5
It’s definitely a YAY for me!
tips - Travel with Karla
  • Remove the insulation film before using.
  • If the light in the charging box is blinking, it means that the battery is below 20%.
  • Avoid exposure to liquid and high humidity environment.
  • Avoid contact with strong magnets to prevent the magnetic earbuds from being demagnetized.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not disassemble the device. Contact the customer support for assistance.

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  1. Wow. Love it..Talaga namang maganda tong REALFIT GOPODS E5. talaga namang napaka ganda ng quality nito .Worth it to buy talaga.

  2. I like this Realfit Gopods E5 because it has a lot of awesome specifications that everyone will ask for. It has a long lasting battery that can last for 5 hours and it’s also very lightweight. This is a perfect match for those who loves to exercise while listening to music.

  3. It’s a big yes for me. This Realfit Gopods E5 is high quality, stylish and affordable. I like that it has long lasting battery and very lightweight.

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