Simple Prayer for Office Meeting

Ever since the pandemic, Zoom Meetings became a thing in our workplace. Since we do this every day, I decided to make one that I can read whenever they assign me to pray. Here’s a simple prayer for office meeting:

Our Father in Heaven,

It’s another beautiful day that you’ve enabled us to come to work. We thank you for our job. Thank you for providing us a job that can pay the bills and bring food on our table.

Cover me and my colleagues with your precious blood. Help us to be energized so that we may be able to tackle the problems with grace.  Take away weariness from us and inspire us to work diligently. Help us to work as a team. Give us an excellent spirit so we can keep our minds clear from any manner of distractions and help us to be inspired to do excellent work for the glory of your Holy Name. Help us to excel in everything that we do.

In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray. Amen.

Travel with Karla

It’s been months since the community quarantine. My weekly trip to the office is still not possible because of limited public transportation. To be honest, I’m still scared to leave the house because I don’t feel safe traveling. It’s the reason why I don’t have travel posts for the past months.

I still look forward going back to my normal life next year. I can’t wait to explore more places , do various activities, eat a lot of delicious authentic food from different countries!

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Travel with Karla
Simple Prayer for Office Meeting
Simple Prayer for Office Meeting

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  1. With all the problems we have with the pandemic and quarantine, we should also remember that there are people who depend on the work we do so we should strive to be productive.

  2. Amen to that! That’s a beautiful prayer, Karla. Kahit kung saan saan ako nagwowork at hindi sa office, I make sure to keep a prayer with me whenever I go out. Lalo pa’t madalas yung travel ko within the province. I indeed thank Him always for my job! <3

  3. Amen! Thanks for sharing ?. Prayers is the most important tool you will ever had. And truly I thank God for making me safe and healthy with my family in this time of crisis, for protecting my loveones, for his guidance at work and at home and for Everything. ❤️❤️❤️
    Make it a habit to pray, It works. ?

  4. Goodmorning Ms. Karla , Have a Blessed Monday ??? Thank you for sharing this Simple Prayer ???

    **It’s been a month since PANDEMIC STARTS, and we’re lucky na kahit wala akong work , nakakain pa din kami 3 times a day , I’m so very thankful , dahil hindi kami ( tayo ) pinababayaan ni Lord ??? And I know this pandemic will end VERY SOON ??In Jesus Name ?

  5. Blessed Monday Ate Karla, Thanks for sharing this. Zoom maganda rin tlga gamitin pra sa mga Video Call. And This Prayer Meeting sobrang namis ko rin .. Hndi Hadlang Ang Pagkakalayo ng bawat isa para hndi magkausap usap about sa Lord ??? ALWAYS PRAYER, Because It Works

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