Japan Experience 2019: Delayed Flights (Day 0)

Konnichiwa! Many years ago, Travel with Karla is just an online journal where I write my experiences. Yep, it can be a guide to some, but mostly it’s about my personal trips. Now, that it’s my first time to Japan, I want to publish a narrative about how it feels to be here and to preserve that feeling. So here’s my Japan Experience!

Day 0 (October 13, 2019)

Japan Experience

My flight with Jetstar is supposed to be 12:40 am. Then it was delayed to 6:40 am. The plane left the airport at 10 am! It’s really tiring to wait for the plane. I kept on telling myself that it’s better to have delayed flights than cancelled flights. Most flights are cancelled because of the tropical storm Hagibis.

Japan Experience
120 pesos for this? This is the cheapest meal there actually.

Instead of eating Japanese Ramen, I was stuck in the NAIA Terminal 1 eating overpriced airport lugaw.

There were no complimentary flights, accommodation, or even snacks despite the delayed flights.

Inside the Plane

Because of the delays, some people got impatient. Some left the airport, others decided to reschedule their flight. I ended up having the whole row for myself. The rows in front of me and at the back are vacant too!

Japan Experience

I’m a bit disappointed when the flight attendant told me that they were not able to prepare the food that I pre-ordered. Instead they gave me the Jetstar menu to order some instant food worth 900 yen. The Nissin Ramen Broth Rice (500 yen) tastes pretty good for an instant meal. The staff gave me a glass of ice for my Apple Juice (250 yen).

Japan Experience
Nissin Ramen Broth Rice & Apple Juice

Japan Experience

Narita International Airport is not that complicated. Besides Japanese, there are signs written in English, Chinese, and Korean. I easily found my way to the bus terminal.

Japan Experience

What I love about the airport is that they have Free WiFi! It’s really easy to connect, and update mey social media. LOL. Moreover, the Keisei bus really leaves on time. We were only a handful when the bus left.

First Meal in Japan

Japan Experience

First of all, I’m really thankful for Estrella family for welcoming me to stay in their place in Japan. They waited for me in the Inage Kaigan Station where I had my first legit Japanese Ramen!

Japan Experience
Ramen with dumplings = 600 yen

Second, I’m not a fan of Ramen but this one tastes good. The serving is big, I think it’s good for two people. Next time, I’ll just probably share.

Japan Experience

Looking at the menu made me reminisce about my experience in Korea. It’s really hard if you can’t read the language. You’ll just end up going to restaurants with pictures on the menu. LOL.

Expenses Tracker:

  • Grab from Dasma to NAIA = 1000 pesos
  • International Tax = 1670 pesos – Can be paid online using this link.
  • Airport Lugaw = 120 pesos
  • Bus Ticket to Inage Kaigan Station = 1000 yen
Travel with Karla

My accommodation is free today. I stayed with Tim’s family. I’m inside this room while writing this. Shall I open the cabinet to check if Doraemon is there?

Doraemon's Room

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Travel with Karla


  1. How I miss traveling outside the US. Japan is always on the top of my list to visit and explore! I want to experience their culture, food and nice places to see. I would do the same thing if I get stranded there for something.

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