3 Ways to Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

Contrary to my previous birthdays where I usually treat my family outside, this year, I celebrated my 27th birthday on quarantine. In this post, I’ll give you 3 ways to celebrate your birthday under quarantine.

1. Order Food Online or via Phone

Don’t let the quarantine stop you from eating good food. You may order a pizza, pasta, and even sushi!

Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

Since we’re all busy with our online jobs and online school works, my family opted to order food instead. My aunt baked the cake and Karlee made the fruit salad!

2. Host a Virtual Party with Friends

There are various apps where you can invite your friends like Zoom. You may also stream a movie together.

Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

In my case, my office mates surprised me by showing their birthday greetings during our daily online meeting. I’m really blessed with good people around me!

3. Do Something You’re Passionate About

What are you passionate about? Is it cooking, painting, dancing, crocheting? Whatever hobbies or interests you have, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Make time for it!

One of my advocacy is to Eliminate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. Right after my online meeting with my office mates, I made time to help the organization in revising the modules for Safety of Children Online. It really feels good to help!

Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

I started working after lunch. From 12nn to 9pm, I had my usual routine at work. One of my students figured that it was my birthday that’s why I received some greetings in our online classroom!

Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

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That’s how I celebrated my birthday!

I hope you enjoyed reading the 3 Ways to Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine. How about you? Have you experienced celebrating an occasion while in quarantine? How did you spend your day?

Celebrate Birthday in Quarantine

I asked my followers how they celebrate and here are their answers:

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  1. Thanks for the good ideas re. how to celebrate virtually! I especially like your idea to do something about which you are passionate. Today is my wedding anniversary, so my husband and I are biking to the little church where we got married and then cooking dinner together.

  2. I’ll be celebrating my birthday next month so this gave me an idea how people do it during the quarantine. Although there are more options now considering that most cities are under GCQ, it’s still better to stay at home with the family. I’m glad to know that you’ve made the most out of it despite the unusual set-up. πŸ™‚ My plan is to perhaps visit my dad in the cemetery or go to Tagaytay (depends on the travel restrictions) hehe.

    God bless!

  3. Same as you Ms.Karla, simple celebration with my family on my birthday and eating a saucey spaghetti cook with my hubby and cake also buying with my kids, thanks for always sharing your experience and happiness with Us and i wish you all the best for you Ms.Karla God Bless You with your family.❀❀❀

  4. Happy birthday, Karla!! I celebrated my birthday in quarantine too last March! I think what’s important is we get to spend and celebrate it with our loved ones πŸ₯°β€οΈ Btw, I like your advocacy! Kudos to you!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Karla! Nakakatuwa naman yung virtual party with friends. July pa naman ang birthday ko pero sana wala na si COVID nung time na yun.

  6. Happy birthday. It’s my baby’s 1st and I just cooked for her and gave some to neighbors very quick. Mine is coming and I believe it will be gcq by then but still thinking of celebrating it at home.

  7. Belated happy birthday, Karla! Ang sweet ng mga katrabaho mo for the virtual party! And may celeb ka pa rin for family, thanks to online ordering and delivery services.

  8. Happy Birthday to you!πŸŽ‰ your post gives me an idea on how to celebrate my 2nd child’s birthday.

  9. Simple, but already a very profound way to spend your bday. Happy birthday ms karla!! God bless and hoping for more success to come.
    My bday’s coming next month, i might have a zoom party nalang din like yours. Lol

  10. We’ve had 3 family members so far who celebrated birthdays during this ECQ period. There are 3 more who will be having birthdays this month. We did order cakes online, but we have all agreed that once the quarantine period is over, we will celebrate with one big party for all the 6 birthday celebrants,

  11. Nice idea yung me pa online. Sayang di namin nagawa nun birthday ni coco. It was the start palang kasi ng lockdown and mas puro worries pa.

    Happy happy birthday karla!

  12. Happy Birthday Karla! I know a few people who’ve had their birthdays or other special occasions in lockdown, it’s not ideal but all of them have celebrated and enjoyed their day which is so lovely x

  13. My Birthday was on March 31st, I know exactly what it is! I had many birthday cakes and hosted a zoom party. I also watched movies with my husband. It was special in a way, very unique

  14. Good ideas. Ordering online will not only provide you with all the necessary party material but it will also help businesses. And then it’s time to have a drink and slice of cake with your friends virtually. Happy birthday to you!

  15. Ordering online is the best and you will also helping kuya’s for their livelihood. Happy Birthday, Karla!

  16. Hope you had a great day! Many people celebrated in quarantine too. What strange times we live in.

  17. Happy Birthday to you Karla and wish you good health and happiness all the time. There are many good ideas and ways on how to celebrate birthdays even there’s a quarantine so there’s nothing to be sad, right?

  18. My husband has a couple of months yet till his birthday so maybe things will be better by then. But these are great tips. I love the virtual party idea!

  19. We did a virtual zoom party for my friends birthday last month and it was actually a lot of fun!

  20. First of all, happy birthday ulit Karla! Hope you get to celebrate it with your loved ones and you enjoyed it despite the current situation. The way you celebrated it is so unique and yet you were still able to help out some Filipino motorcycle delivery men, and ang creative nung video conference party πŸ™‚

  21. Happiest birthday Ms Karla. All the love and happiness in the world for you and your loved ones. Syemre more travel, adventures, and Kdramas, more people to be inspired, and more. Dahil sa pag-recommend mo ng World of the Married Couple, lalo akong napuyat, ahaha. May time na wala talaga akong tulog, nung sinimulan ko siya dahil dami ng naka-up na episode.

  22. Belated happy birthday Ms Karla! Glad you still had a great birthday celebration. It is important for us to keep safe while celebrating. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  23. We did same thing on ordering online. My cousin treated his mom for a BK Whopper Meal which she liked. We were late on ordering with homegrown restos as physical and online queues are already overwhelming.

  24. My birthday is on 21st and I live alone. I’m stuck in a place where the covid-19 rate is very high. I can’t even do any of these. But yes, I must say that these ideas are really good.

  25. I celebrated my birthday last April in quarantine too. I’ve never been keen on celebrating it. I don’t know, I’m introvert like that. Every year I try to keep my birthday as quiet as possible but my family always make it a big deal somehow. My Mama cooked. My siblings did some karaoke. It was fun but a little tiring. Glad you had a blast on your birthday. Wishing you happiness and tons of blessings today and everyday! xx

  26. Happiest birthday again Ms.Karl..
    Thanks for always sharing happiness in your life to us.
    Thanks for being an inspiration.

  27. Thank you. Your post added so much joy in my heart. I am looking forward to my baby’s first year and we will be celebrating that milestone like we never. You post is right on time.

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