IELTS Paper vs Computer

Good teachers never stop learning. I’ve been teaching strategies and  techniques to get high scores in IELTS for more than year now. I took the IELTS pen and paper test last year. Earlier this year, IDP Philippines offered a computer-based test so I decided to take the exam again. Having a first hand experience will give me more idea on how to improve my teaching skills.

 IELTS Paper vs. Computer

  1. Materials – In paper-based test, you need to bring your passport, two no. 2 pencils, and an eraser. On the other hand, in the computer-delivered test, you just need to bring your passport.
  2. Listening Test –  Some test centers only play the recording using a big speaker. Others distribute infrared headphones. In computer-delivered test, you have your own headphones where you can adjust the volume of the sound.
  3. Reading Test – In the paper-based test, you can write anything on the paper. In the computer-delivered test, you also have the option to highlight and make notes digitally.
  4. Writing Test – The content is the same. However, it’s more convenient in computer-based test because you can easily cut, copy, and paste the words. There’s also a word counter on the screen. Computer-delivered test is also advisable when you have a bad handwriting.
  5. Speaking Test – In the computer-delivered test, you can have the speaking test on the same day of your written test. It’s easy to select the exact time. However, in the paper-based test, they will inform you the exact date and location 5-7 days prior your written test.
  6. Test Dates – Computer-delivered test has more test dates. Unlike the paper-based test, which usually takes place during weekends only.
  7. Test Center – The test center is not crowded in computer-delivered test. I think we’re only 10 in one room. When I took the paper-based test, we are more than a hundred in one hall.
  8. Test Payment – Last year, I paid Php9,780 for the paper-based test. This year, it’s already Php10,270. Now, it’s Php11,500 for the computer-delivered test.
  9. Test Difficulty – The content, timings, question types, marking, and security arrangements is the same with the paper-based IELTS.
  10. Test Registration – The booking procedure is the same. Register now at

IELTSComputer-based Experience

I went to the testing center 30 minutes before my exam. I surrendered one of my ID’s at the reception area of Marco Polo Ortigas to get a Visitor’s ID. You can’t use the elevator if you don’t have one. Make sure that you have extra ID’s besides your passport.

IELTS Paper vs Computer (3)

I deposited my bag inside one of those lockers. Then the staff took a photo and ask me some questions about my identity while looking at my passport.

IELTS Paper vs Computer (3)

I went inside the testing room and had my listening, reading, and writing test. In the afternoon, I took my speaking test.

How to get the result?

  1. Visit
  2. Provide your name, passport number, and date of exam.


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  3. I definitely would prefer the computer based test. It seems much more convenient, even with the slight price increase. I have never had the option to take tests on a computer before.

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