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Since I work online, I often find myself being a home body. I only go out on weekends so it’s inevitable for me to browse for online shops! I often browse Lazada and Shopee whenever I need something.

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Just last week, some friends told me that a new online shop has been launched. It’s called Hataw! Let me share you some information that I found out about it.

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5 Things You Need to Know about Hataw

  1. Hataw began from the experience of two entrepreneurs when they were weighed down by the commissions and penalties in becoming sellers at one shopping platform. They wanted to market their products to gain a wider exposure and higher return. This experience made them set up an online company with its emphasis on Quality Products at Affordable Prices. Isn’t it amazing?
  2. Hataw is the answer to people on a tight budget. Hataw targets the B,C,D class. Look how affordable their items are!
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Screenshot from the Hataw Website
  • Hataw’s main categories includes clothing, gadgets, bags and shoes, toys kids and baby but they specialize in home and living, and home improvement. Yes that’s right! In home and living, you’ll find products in dining, kitchen, living rooms, decoration and on the other hand, home improvement is where you can see the hardware, lighting, faucet parts, and even door knobs.
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    Screenshots from the Hataw App
  • Hataw sells official brand products as a partnership agreement. Hataw.ph has a seller center where people may sign up. When they agree to the terms and agreement, they may upload their products, then start their own promotions or discounts and sell.
  • Payment accepted are Cash on delivery, credit/debit card, and bank transfers. You may also choose to secure your payment through M Lhuillier branches.
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    For more details, you may check out their social media accounts:

    Travel with Karla


    1. it’s interesting I never heard of this before. I usually shop online. I will surely check this out too sometime

    2. I am glad that there are more and more shopping sites to check for discounts and awesome deals. I usually do my shopping online because it is more convenient. Except for clothes though, and shoes. I want to fit them first before I buy.

    3. There are all kinds of shops like this popping up! It definitely makes it easier to find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something specific. I can also see where it would be a temptation.

    4. After moving into a high-rise apartment, online shopping has become my go-to. I love sites like Hataw that offer so many things at great prices. Who doesn’t love on-stop shopping that shows up right on your doorstep? xx

    5. This sounds like an awesome alternative to other, similar platforms! The idea of avoiding high fees, of course, should be appealing to many sellers. Thanks for sharing!

    6. I have never heard of this site before but it looks like a great news for all of us who always want to buy or order online in an affordable price.

    7. as an avid online shopper, I always appreciate when someone points me to new platforms, I was not informed about. I have chronic illnesses, and so does my daughter (it’s genetic), so that my energy is limited, which is why online anything is my best friend. Many blessings!

    8. Wow.. This is totally new to me! Online shopping is such a big thing for me since I can’t leave the house as much as most people. Hataw sounds like a neat site/app. Looks like there’s a really good selection of items. Thanks for sharing!!

    9. Hataw seems like SUCH a convenient option for those looking to make an online shopping store! The site’s broad selection looks really strong. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    10. Nice! I’ve never heard of this site before and I am also big on online shopping especially now that I moved on the island and there isn’t really anywhere good to shop.

    11. I could definitely relate about the temptation of online shopping while working from home. I’m currently based in Indonesia, although I have purchased a few things through Lazada, my favorite would be Shopee and some other local e-commerce website as well. Do you think there’s any chance Hataw will expand to get around here as well? ????

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