Bicycle Tour in Seoul

I’ve been to a lot of walking tours but this is my first time to join a bicycle tour in Seoul. Yes! It exists! Well, there have been some bicycle tours around Seoul for years but I just learned about it now. I’m excited to write about this because I know that there are lots of travelers who are fond doing outdoor activities like biking.

We Cycle Korea

I found a travel agency called We Cycle Korea, which offers owner-operated bike and small group tour. They take no more than 4 people in one group for their clients’ comfort.

The Route

I had to choose among three routes: Morning Spicy Tour (8am), Afternoon Lazy Tour (1pm), and Night View Tour (6pm). The afternoon schedule is the most convenient time for me.

The meetup is at Namyeong Station. It’s easy to find the guide because it has only one exit. Their guide is prompt. You’ll be welcomed the moment you exit the station. I was brought to their office for some overview of the tour. I was provided a bike, a helmet, a bottle of water, and bananas.

The War Memorial of Korea


Photo taken last September 2016 during my first trip to War Memorial of Korea

It was crowded when we came there because it’s a holiday. It’s hard to take pictures without any photobombers. Do you know that Koreans celebrate Children’s Day every 5th of May? They also celebrate Parent’s day (which is not a holiday).

National Museum of Korea

Bicycle Tour in Seoul 3

All this time, I thought that the Bosingak Belfry located in Jongno is authentic. That bell is rung 33 times during New Year’s countdown. However, I found out that the real Bosingak Belfry is preserved in the National Museum. It’s their National Treasure No. 2 after all.

Tourists can join bell-ringing ceremony that takes place for one hour every day (excluding Mondays), starting at 11:20am.

National Hangeul Museum

Bicycle Tour in Seoul 4

Originally, Koreans use Chinese characters. King Sejong of Joseon Dynasty replaced it by Hangeul. It is considered to be one of the most efficient alphabets in the world and has garnered unanimous praise from language experts for its scientific design and excellence. Personally, I think learning how to read and write Hangeul is easier than English.

Floating Island & Jamsu Bridge

Bicycle Tour in Seoul 2.JPG

Some Sevit is composed of three man-made floating islands. They are created with the theme of “flowers of Hangang River”. Some Gavit symbolizes the flower, Some Chavit symbolizes a flower bud, and Some Solvit symbolizes a seed. It looks good at night because of the LED lights that portray “a gleaming light in the mist.”

Han River

Bicycle Tour in Seoul

Their bikes from Trek Bike are well-maintained by their licensed mechanic.

The bridge behind me is called Banpo Bridge. You can watch the rainbow fountain there at night. You may also try going on a Han River Cruise to get a better view.

Bicycle Tour in Seoul 5.JPG

Hangang Bridge

To prevent the entry of North Koreans, Hangang Bridge was bombed during the Korean War. It killed hundreds of civilian refugees who weren’t informed about the plans of destroying the bridge. (See! I really learned a lot because I have a licensed tour guide with me. I also had a lot of good pictures because of him!)

Yongsan Station

Bicycle Tour in Seoul 6.JPG

Yongsan Station is one of the grandest subway stations I’ve seen. It has trains heading toward the Honam, Janghyang, and Jeolla regions. There’s a department store in it!

We Cycle Korea office

The staff in We Cycle Korea are very accommodating. They will even invite you to their office to hang out and grab some beer, soda, coffee, or tea.


I’ve been to these places a lot of times but this trip is better. Having an English-speaking licensed tour guide with me, I learned a lot of interesting stories about every place we visited. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about taking pictures. They have it covered. After your trip, they will email you your pictures taken from their professional camera.

Since I really like going to Korean Drama Filming Locations, my tour guide/photographer modified the tour to have a side trip to one of the filming locations of Legend of the Blue Sea in Han River.

Legend of the Blue Sea Shooting Locations 3.jpg

I highly recommend this trip for tourists who are into outdoor activities. Going to a bicycle tour in Seoul is not only good for your body but also for your mind. By the  way, it is also good for your pocket. The whole tour is only 39,000 won!

And oh, if you don’t know how to bike, you can also avail their car tour! They also have tours in the Royal Palace & The DMZ as well as Nami Island with photo