Hangang River Cruise

Finally! I was able to experience the Han River Cruise! Since the website of E-Land Cruise doesn’t have any English translation, I tried to search for blogs on how to go there. Most of the blogs are outdated. Now, I’m going to make an updated one for you.

Hangang River Cruise is an activity you can add while traveling around Seoul. It’s best to experience it at night.

First, choose what kind of cruise you want to experience.

There are many choices on the website. I’ll include the best sellers:

Hangang River Cruise
Yeouido Station – 15,000 won
Hangang River Cruise
Yeouido Station – 25,000 won
Hangang River Cruise
Yeouido Station – 69,000 won

If you’re on a budget, you can try these cruises:

Sincheon Station – 12,000 won
Hangang River Cruise
Sincheon Station – 15,000 won

I chose the Jamsil Night View Cruise because I also want to watch the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain.

Second, know the schedule of the cruise. Go there an hour before so you won’t miss a slot. Many people go there during weekends and holidays.

Han River Cruise Schedule (Travel with Karla)
I chose the Night View Cruise because it is the longest.

Other cruises only take 40 minutes but the Night View cruise takes 90 minutes.

Third, provide your personal details on a sheet of paper beside the ticket booth, then present your passport and IDs to the cashier.

Han River Cruise Schedule (Travel with Karla) (2)
Hangang River Cruise

Happy Travels!

Hangang River Cruise - Travel with Karla
Banpo Rainbow Fountain

I didn’t take many photos but here’s a short video:


How to go there:

Take the Seoul Subway Line 2 going to SINCHEON Station. (not Sinchon, not Jamsil) Go out at exit 7 and walk going to the Hangang River. Or you can take a taxi.

Admission Fee:

  • Adult –  15,000 won
  • Children – 10,500 won


  1. Hello Karla,

    I use the subway apps. I can’t find SINCHEON station like you said. only Sunchon Station.

    Or, How do I get there from Lotte World? I will visit Lotte world before I want to take the cruise trip.

    Thank you!

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