List of IELTS Facebook Groups

One of the struggles of IELTS test takers is finding a speaking partner. Although we can find a lot of tips online, it is still better to actually practice speaking with another person. Here’s a list of IELTS Facebook Groups where you can find a speaking partner.

List of IELTS Facebook Groups

IELTS Philippines Review and Training Tips

This is a public group with around 19.3K members. The discussion includes IELTS reviews as well as training tips, and techniques. When you post an inquiry, lots of IELTS training centers would approach you in the comment section.

IELTS Free Preparation 9.0

This is a public group with 367.5K members. According to the about section, the goal of this group is to improve English skills. As I see it, most people there are from South Asian countries.

English Speaking Practice Group

This is a public group with 206.7K members. Although this is not just about IELTS, people can get speaking partners here. The moderators of this group are from Romania, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

IELTS Preparation

This is a private group with 117.8K members. It aims to provide materials for IELTS test takers. The admins are from Bangladesh.

IELTS Speaking Partners

This is a private group with 110.2K members. It’s a place to meet IELTS Speaking partners. It’s moderated by Ted-IELTS.

IELTS Study Group

I and another IELTS Instructor from MedPro recently created this group so our students can easily find a speaking partner. If you have questions about IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, we are willing to answer them.

Travel with Karla

I hope that you can find a good speaking partner from these IELTS Facebook Groups. If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to leave some comments on this blog post.

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  1. buti ngayon there are groups na like this. naaalala ko a decade ago, kapa kapa ka lang mag isa. di na nga ako nakapag ielts di na din kasi ako umalis to continue yung studies ko and just shifted to local degree when i finished everything. mas maraming support system na ngayon in everything

  2. This are very helpful information. I’ll share this to Facebook group na puro Pinoy migrants here in Australia. One of the requirements in applying working visa is IELTS, except kung partner visa or student visa.

  3. Thank you for sharing Ms. karla very helpful and informative po lalo na sa mga IELTS takers para mas magkaroon sila ng idea.

    1. Wow this is great , tlga nman very helpful ito sa lahat . Ang dami pala tlga facebook group nitong IELTS ?❤️

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