Poop Cafe

Poop Cafe is one of the most interesting cafes in Seoul. Why?

1. They sell some “poop-inspired” food!

I don’t really drink coffee. But when I saw that they’re serving the coffee in a mini toilet, I ordered a rose latte. The poop shaped waffle with ice cream on the side is also served in a container that looks like a latrine basin. While waiting for my order, I ordered a poop bread  in a stall outside the cafe. The meal in the picture only costs $15.


2. They have the biggest poop stuffed toy!

For those who are fond of using the poop emoji, this one is for you. Would you buy a poop stuffed toy? If yes, your can buy it at Amazon or Ebay. LOL. If not, just visit this cafe and have a picture with it. It’s really cute! Promise!


3. They would remind you of your grandparents. LOL!

In Philippines, the old people usually use some chamber pots called arinola. At night time when they don’t feel like taking a walk to the toilet, they use it as urinals. I was surprised that they also have this in Korea. Koreans call it yogang. Do you have something like this in your country? It’s like a potty for adults.


4. They have interesting hats.

What will you do besides drinking coffee in a coffee shop? Of course, you’ll take a picture of it and post it on Instagram. LOL! Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re wearing a cool hat like this?

Where in the world would you find a hat poop?

5. They can tell the future. HAHAHA!

The tissue says, “The coffee you’re drinking today will be a poop tomorrow!”


I really enjoyed this very unique coffee shop. It’s not as pricey like Hello Kitty Cafe, Sheep Cafe, Cat Cafe, Dog Cafe, and other themed cafes I’ve been.

It is located on the fourth floor of Ssamziegil mall. You should visit this when you’re shopping in Insadong or right after you visit the Gyeongbukgung Palace.


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