Poopoo Land

Few weeks ago, I went to a very interesting coffee shop named Poop Cafe. I thought that I’ll never see a quirky place like that but I was wrong. I discover the Poopoo Land!

It is called Norittongsan (놀이똥산). They used the word “Ttong”(똥) instead of dong (동). Noridongsan (눌이동산) means Amusement Park. So technically speaking, it’s a Poop Amusement Park!

They have a route that would let you experience the process of digestion. Are you wondering what it feels like to be a poop? HAHAHAHA!

It begins with the mouth, then the esophagus, then the stomach, and the intestines. The last part will be a slide going out from the anus. It’s a challenging slide!

They also have some replicas of toilets for photo ops! They even have the “royal toilet”

They also have a gift shop where you can buy unique poop-inspired souvenirs.

It is open from 11am to 8pm. It took me 30 minutes to roam around Poop Land. Although, I think it was too short, the 6,000 won entrance fee is a reasonable price for this kind of attraction.

How to go there:

Take the Seoul Subway Line 3 and get off at Anguk Station (Exit 6). Walk towards the Insadong Street and go to the Ssamziegil Building. You’ll see the sign on the ground floor.


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