Dog Cafe

When I first went to Myeongdong, I’ve seen a mascot wearing a dog costume. The mascot was giving out some leaflets about the dog cafe. I told myself that I shall go there before I leave Seoul.
The entrance fee costs 8,000 won. It includes a free drink.
We were asked to put our things in the cabinet under the chair. (for safety)
After drinking, we start roaming around the cafe.
They provide pink and blue blankets that can be used during the interaction with the dogs.
I don’t really know how many dogs are there. I think it’s enough for all the customers.
This is how the cafe looks like from different angles.
PS. Sorry for the quality. I took them while sitting because the dog doesn’t want to leave my lap.
Well, some dogs prefer to be alone.
Some dogs choose their customers by smelling their shoes.
Some dogs are clingy, and some are snob.
Customers just sit on the floor and wait for dogs to sit on their lap.
Aren’t they adorable?
Before leaving, you can use some rollers and spray to remove the furs from your clothes.
How to go there:
Take a subway to Myeongdong Station. (Exit 6)
Walk Straight, then turn right in the Nature Republic Shop.
Then when you see the Skinfood shop, turn right.
You’ll see the Dog Cafe on the left side. It’s located on the fourth floor.

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