Sheep Cafe

I haven’t interacted with a sheep until I visited the Thanks Nature Café. I never thought that sheep can be clean and not smelly.
I also like their presentation of beverages. I’m a fan of cute designs.
Their honey bread toast with ice cream on the side also taste good.
You’ll see portraits of known celebrities on the left side of the wall.
Well, the interior design is filled with sheep stuff.
Outside the cafe, you’ll see the cage of the sheep.
I look weird in this picture. LOL.
Besides visiting this cafe, there are other cool activities to do in Hongdae.
You should really add it in your itinerary!
How to go there:
Take a subway going to Hongik University Station. Then use the google maps! LOL. It can’t be seen right away because it is underground. It is located under Cafe Cantata.
You can’t get inside the cage without buying food.
The price of a coffee starts at 5,500 won.

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  6. Great photos! Wish I was there with my daughters. They’d get a kick out of it!

    1. You should add this in your itinerary when you visit Seoul. 😊

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