Hudle Noodle House: A Tasty Noodle World Tour

Hudle Noodle House brings you to five different countries without breaking the bank! This food stall in Kawit, Cavite will give you a tasty noodle world tour.

Hudle Noodle House
They are open for dine-in, takeout, and deliveries.

A Tasty Noodle World Tour

In this post, I’ll give you a glimpse of what to expect with their noodles.

Chinese Egg Noodles

The Stir-fried Chinese Egg Noodles is a must-try. It’s loaded with lots of fresh vegetables and meat. It is flavorful and will definitely make you eat more. I like that the noodles are not oily and the vegetables are crispy. I highly recommend this!

Hudle Noodle House
Chinese Egg Noodles – 5/5

Italian Bolognese

Italian Bolognese uses a pasta called Linguine. These are flat noodles that can easily absorb the sauce.

First impression: Their bolognese is less creamy than I expected. It tastes like the usual Spaghetti but with less sauce. What makes it really tasty is the amount of cheese on top. This tastes like the pasta we usually order at coffee shops.

Hudle Noodle House
Italian Bolognese – 4/5

Update: I tried reheating them in a microwave and it got better! Turns out, the sauce settled at the bottom. I can now taste the tomato. It’s not as sweet as Filipino-style Spaghetti but you’ll definitely get the Italian taste.

If you will have this delivered, I recommend that you reheat them using a microwave for a better experience.

Japanese Yakisoba

Eating the Yakisoba makes me feel that I’m back in the streets of Japan! What makes this special is that it also feels like I’m also eating a Takoyaki. I love that the mouth-watering sauce covers all the noodles. The pickled ginger, bonito flakes, and dried seaweed garnish make it perfect!

Hudle Noodle House
Japanese Yakisoba – 5/5

Korean Japchae

As a person who lived in Korea for many years, I must say that this one tastes really good. Usually, I only eat japchae as a side dish but this one can be the main dish. Most of the japchae I tried in the past are quite bland but I think this one adjusted to the taste of Filipinos. This will definitely satisfy your Korean food cravings.

Korean Japchae – 5/5

Filipino Pancit Palabok

Last but definitely not least is the Filipino Pancit Palabok. If you’re not very adventurous, you can stick to the classic! Actually, this is the first dish we finished. All my family members, especially my grandmother love this. They say that this one even tastes better than those we order on fast-food.

Filipino Pancit Palabok – 5/5
location - Travel with Karla

Hudle Noodle House is located on the ground floor of Robertson Plaza, Centennial Road, Kawit, Cavite. It’s five minutes away from the famous Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine!

Hudle Noodle House

To be updated with their upcoming promos, follow them on their Facebook Page: Hudle. You may also contact them at 09505193051 for deliveries.

Travel with Karla

In general, I had a great experience with Hudle Noodle House. I’m totally satisfied with all the food they delivered. I haven’t visited their physical store yet but it will be on my list when I go to Kawit, Cavite. Although I live in Dasmarinas City, the food arrived warm. The packaging is good and the delivery went smoothly. There are no spills. Besides ala carte meals, they can also provide party trays that the whole family can enjoy.

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  1. Wow ang bongga naman jan grabe yong noodles nila sarap?
    Thank you for sharing this Ms.Karla

  2. Wow. If nag cre-crave sa iba’t ibang noodles recipe ng iba’t ibang bansa, no need mag order sa iba’t ibang restaurant, andito na lahat. Minsanan na lang din ang pag order. Nakakatakam pa mga pagkain nila.

  3. This is a great way to taste all noodles without breaking your budget. Do they also offer bigger volumes of order, halimbawa na nagustuhan yung isang variant ng noodles? Good on you for supporting local businesses!

  4. Huhu ang sasarap lahat , natakam ako . Pero grabe ung sa palabok nila ako mas natakam ?? gusto ko dn matikman . Must visit sa kanilang store soon ?

  5. Grabe Sasaraaaap nman po ng mga Foods na to, All in one ang Saraap, iba’t ibang Recipe using This Noodles, that So Goood and Impress, pero sobra kong namis yung Palabok tuwing almusal ???

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