Crafting Scents: The Story Behind Story Candle PH

In a cozy home, there’s a magical place where passion and fragrances blend. It’s called Story Candle PH. But how did it come to be? Let’s know more about Story Candle PH.

The Unexpected Journey

Two years ago, Mark Lester (the founder) faced a challenge. A medical condition affected his vision, and he had to leave his job. Suddenly, he had lots of time but couldn’t do much. Boredom crept in. Back in university, he studied fragrances as a pharmacy major. The idea of working with scents always fascinated him. But life got busy, and he put that dream aside.

Stuck at home, he rediscovered his love for candles. He decided to make his own. Each candle became a canvas for places, memories, and companionship stories. And so, Story Candle PH was born. The name has two meanings: it honors his dog Story and symbolizes the stories hidden in each scent. Despite his disability, he poured love into his candles. They became more than products, they brought healing and hope.

Story Candle PH

Today, Story Candle PH offers scented soy candles inspired by local places in the Philippines. Light one up, and let the stories unfold.

The Development of Unique Candle Scents

Scented candles hold a special place in our hearts. They relax us, evoke memories, and fill our spaces with delightful aromas. For the founder of Story Candle PH, this passion for fragrances began long ago. In his university days as a pharmacy major, he studied the chemistry of scents—what we call “notes.” Little did he know that this knowledge would later ignite his creative journey.

The names of Story Candle PH creations tell a tale themselves. Each candle bears the name of a local or foreign destination. Why? Because travel and smell are intertwined. Think about it: the scents we encounter during our journeys become part of our memories. The aroma of a bustling market, the salty breeze by the sea, or the earthy smell of a forest—all leave imprints on our minds.

When you light a Story Candle PH creation, the fragrance isn’t random. It’s intentionally chosen to correlate with the candle’s name. If it’s named after a tropical beach, you’ll catch hints of coconut and sea breeze. Expect woody and fresh notes if it’s named after a pine-covered mountain. The founder draws from personal experiences—places he’s visited or felt a connection to.

Story Candle PH

Creating a harmonious fragrance blend involves combining different essential oils. But it’s not as simple as mixing scents randomly. Compatibility matters. Some oils play well together, while others clash. The founder’s background in chemistry helps him navigate this intricate dance of molecules. He balances top, middle, and base notes to create a symphony of scents.

Crafting a new fragrance isn’t a quick task. It’s a meticulous process. The founder experiments, adjusts ratios, and tests until he finds the perfect balance. When you light a candle, remember it’s more than wax and wick. It’s a journey. It’s a blend of passion, memories, and chemistry. 

Discover the Philippines with Unique Scented Candles

You’ve probably seen candles named after travel destinations before. It’s a popular idea. But most of the candles are named after places in other countries. What makes Story Candle PH different is that they focus on popular destinations here in the Philippines. The candles are named after places like Baguio, Siargao, Boracay, and Sagada. These are places that many Filipinos love and have personal stories about.

Story Candle PH

Each candle is designed to remind you of these wonderful places. For example, the “Baguio Breeze” candle smells like pine and bamboo, which are common in Baguio. The “Siargao Waves” candle has the fresh scent of coconut, a common smell in Siargao. “Sagada Brew” smells like coffee, because Sagada is known for its coffee beans. And “Boracay Bliss” has a fruity guava scent, reflecting Boracay’s tropical vibe and its famous beaches.

The goal is to bring back your memories of these places with every scent. When you light one of our candles, they want you to feel like, you are right back in those beautiful spots, reliving your favorite moments.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Story candles are soy and palm wax candles, meaning the main waxes come from plant-based sources like soybeans and palm trees. “I chose these natural sources because synthetic waxes like paraffin can be harmful to your health and the environment. Even the candle wicks I use are natural, made from cotton coated with soy wax,” Mark Lester.

Story Candle PH

The fragrance oils they select come from reputable producers, ensuring high-quality and safe scents. They also use clear glass jars for a minimalist look, and these jars can be repurposed after the candle is used up—for example, as drinking glasses. The packaging is made from white hard paper boxes sourced from a local maker in Laguna, making it more eco-friendly.

Catering to the Refined Tastes of Manila’s Titos and Titas

According to Mark Lester, his target market is people in their 30s and 40s, often referred to as the “titos and titas of Manila”—though not limited to Manila. This is why he opted for a minimalist design for my candles. As we get older, we tend to appreciate simplicity and tradition more.

He ensures his candles are highly aromatic, using a maximum amount of fragrance oil, far beyond the usual 6-8%. This is because he wants his customers to feel that their purchase is truly worth its price. His candles are aimed at those who value quality and are willing to pay for a superior product.

Some might find his candles a bit pricier than others, but he stands by the quality and believes the price reflects the value. Additionally, he offers customized candles for events or celebrations, blending his creative process with the customer’s vision to create unique, personalized gifts.

So, light up one of our candles, relax, and let the scents take you on a journey through the Philippines. Whether you’ve been to these places or are dreaming of visiting, our candles will bring a piece of these beautiful destinations into your home. Enjoy the trip!

Where To Buy?

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