Biyaheng South Pasasalamat 2023

Biyaheng South Pasasalamat, a thanksgiving party, was held at Farmhills Garden in Silang, Cavite last December 9, 2023. This event is MPT South’s way to express their sincere appreciation for the invaluable support and collaboration they have received from their government partners and travel content collaborators for the past years.

Farm Hills Garden

Farm Hills Garden is not just a spot on the map but a hub of experiences waiting to be discovered. Tucked away in the heart of nature, you’ll find an events place, a restaurant, a cafe, and a bed & breakfast! It’s not just a place. It’s a mishmash of awesome experiences waiting to be part of your story.

Farm Hills Garden

Mirrors & Stories

Mirrors & Stories spiced up the event with this mirror selfie booth. Mirror selfie booths provide interactive and engaging entertainment for the guests. They are also space-efficient, unlike the big photobooths. Mirrors & Stories caters to events like weddings, debuts, and birthdays around Silang and Tagaytay. You may contact them at 0915 647 7268.

Mirrors & Stories

Games and Raffle

MPT South, Cavite Tourism, DILG IV-A, and Farm Hills Garden expressed their gratitude to the content creators by giving some tokens and discount vouchers. Everyone enjoyed the fun games and of course, the raffle!

Biyaheng South Pasasalamat

Foodie’s Paradise

The food from Farm Hills Garden didn’t disappoint us. From appetizers to main course and desserts, they gave us a delightful experience. Everyone went home with a full stomach.

Biyaheng South Pasasalamat 2023

I’ve collaborated with many brands this year and I can say that I’m thankful that MPT South is one of them. This team radiates genuine warmth and friendliness. Biyaheng South Team is always ready with a smile and an eagerness to assist. It feels good to work with them.

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  1. Everyone really shows their genuine smile, they truly enjoy this Thanksgiving Party. Hopefully, you’ll celebrate again this kind of event next year. 🥂❣️

  2. such a great event, it’s really nice to attend gathering like this. not only that games and raffles are really exciting but also the experience that you shares with the people who have been part of your career as content creator is quite memorable.

  3. Yay ang sayang pasasalamat, Specially ung nagkasama sama po kayo lahat. Merry christmas To all of you 😍

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