Almost There: An Art Exhibit You Must Visit Soon

“No pain, no gain” is common phrase we often hear. Normally, we attribute this to the sculpting of our bodies, pushing ourselves to the limit to reach our goals, or to simply reach the pivotal moment of honing ourselves. But there is one thing that most of us hardly achieve and that is to keep a steadfast faith.

This is something Kristine, the artist behind “Almost There” exhibit, wants to show everyone: that faith can paint and unfold countless blessings if you believe in Him. And with God’s mercy and grace, hope is never too late for those who believe in Him.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar and Atty. Joey Lina (President of the Manila Hotel) with Kristine S. Lim, showcasing a few of her masterpieces.

Arriving at the Manila Hotel on October 2, for the unveiling of her masterpieces, Kristine wore a plain black shirt with Swarovski crystals writing “Trust God” and “Pray” at the back. Pastor Amir Sali designed Kristine’s simple yet elegant black shirt with Swarovski writing “Trust God.”

Almost There
Renowned Fashion Designer/Pastor Amir Sali prayed over all the paintings.

Almost There Art Exhibit is a success!

The event was successfully and safely done, thanks to the team of CypressArk. Above all, Kristine knew that the safety of the guests was imperative. As such,  giving each and everyone involved a swab antigen test. Thankfully, everyone received a negative result.

Almost There
CypressArk team administered antigen swab testing to all hotel staff, guests, and organizing committee members prior to the event proper.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was initiated by DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, together with Atty. Joey Lina (President of the Manila Hotel), Jaime Jasper Lim (husband of the artist), and parents.

Almost There
(L-R: )Atty. Joey Lina, DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, Kristine S. Lim (artist), during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
They were joined by the artist’s parents and husband, Businessman, Jaime Jasper Lim (far right).

Kristine thought no one would ever dare to visit nor appreciate her artwork. But the Lord said otherwise. Days before the event, high-profile art collectors, as well as, elite members of the society called her attention and supported her cause by buying her paintings. One of which is Senator Miguel Zubiri, who fell in love with Kristine’s version of the Philippine Eagle. Senator Zubiri thought that by supporting this cause it could help displaced workers and our dear front liners.

The paintings were already sold out yet she has more to show on October 16, at the Diamond Hotel Manila.

Almost There
A snippet of her paintings which are already sold out even before the event took place

Kristine belongs to a group of Christian artists called Christian+Collective. Therefore, this exhibit is for a cause. Through missions of JKL Foundation Inc., proceeds from the paintings and the actual Aesca products will go to support those in the frontlines of this battle and the displaced workers due to the pandemic.

Almost There

Kristine S. Lim with one of her good friends Anna Escalona, owner of AESCA, who will reproduce the designs for their own product line.

This pandemic has changed the way we live and learn. While the danger of the virus is still present, we must also feed our mental health and spiritual health through this art exhibit. To see the exhibit, you may visit today to October 15 at the Manila Hotel and October 16-22, 2020, at the Diamond Hotel Manila.

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  1. Ang ganda ng paintings niya in person.. They do this thing where it’s black on one type of light and it shines as gold on another type of light which makes it extra special. Also happy that her paintings are sold out… Also ibang iba na talaga ang events ngayon, need na ng social distancing 😦

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