Gifts for your Minimalist Girlfriend

In this modern times, a lot of people are trying to have a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist lifestyle means living with things you only need. It means removing unnecessary things that distracts us. If your partner likes less things in life, here are some gifts for your minimalist girlfriend!


Last Valentine’s Day, I received a bouquet from my friend. What made it special? Instead of flowers, the bouquet contained all my comfort food! I think it’s beautiful. I won’t be able to keep the food but the memory of receiving a food bouquet is priceless!

Buying cookies can also be a way of supporting your friends who loves to bake!

Gift Cards / Gift Certificate

When you give a gift card, the receiver can choose what they want to buy. If the person don’t want to buy anything, you may give her a restaurant gift certificate, or even spa and wellness gift certificate.

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019

Plane Ticket

It’s better to collect memories than materials things. Make memories out of your comfort zone. Book a ticket for two and make lots of wonderful memories!

International Adapter

If she’s into traveling, you can never go wrong with an international travel adapter. It’s a must have for travelers who visit different countries.


Whatever your lifestyle is, people need toiletries! Buy their favorite skin care products! These are the things you’re sure they will use.

Shampoo Bar from Refill ‘N Beyond
Nava Himalayan Crystal Salt Body Scrub
Nava Himalayan Crystal Salt Body Scrub


What simple things make them happy?

  • If they like movies, buy them movie tickets.
  • If they are artistic, buy some paints or scrapbooking supplies!
  • For the adventurous, buy some tickets for an amusement park, zoo, or any places.
  • For those who are super organized, buy them sticky notes, notepads and office supplies.
  • Buy some gifts for their pets!
  • Give them your precious time.
Travel with Karla

Can you think about other gifts for your minimalist girlfriend?

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