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I love noraebang (노래방)! When I was in Korea, I and my Filipino friends go there to unwind. Now that I’m in the Philippines, I miss going to Karaoke! Just last weekend, I and some blogger friends went to Monkey Mic Family KTV.

Monkey Mic Family KTV is the first Gastropub KTV in Quezon City. They have 16 rooms depending on the size of your group. They have rooms good for 6, for 15, and for 30 people!

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The food they have exceeded my expectations. What’s the rating? 11/10! Monkey Mic offers different varieties of food. They have platter, burger and sandwich, pizza, pasta and noodles, and other ala carte meals.

Monkey Mic Family KTV


They have a big serving of pizza. The prize ranges from 400-450 pesos. The best sellers are Philly Cheese steak Pizza, and Overload Pizza. They also have All Pepperoni Pizza. If you’re adventurous, you may also try their Sisig Pizza.

The Overload Pizza is cheesy and spicy at the same time. If you haven’t eat dinner yet, you should order this tasty pizza!


Pasta meals are good for sharing. It costs only 380 pesos. They have Seafood Pesto Pasta, Trio Mushroom Carbonara, Baked Spaghetti, and Stir Fry Canton. The latest is the Creamy Diablo Pasta.

Creamy Diablo Pasta


Monkey Mic Family KTV
Forget everything but not the cheesy mussels!
Monkey Mic Family KTV
Nachos Casserole
Monkey Mic Family KTV
Roast Beef

Monkey Mic Family KTV Packages

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The staff are very accommodating. They can manage to have fast service despite the number of rooms. I like how they formed a program where customers can call the staff just by clicking a button.

Monkey Mic Family KTV
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Monkey Mic Family KTV is located at Pinnacle Building, Block 3, Lot 8, Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City. They are open from 3pm to 3am. On Fridays and Saturdays, they extend until 4am.

Monkey Mic Family KTV

Follow their social media accounts:
Facebook: Monkey Mic
Instagram: @monkeymic.ktv
Email: [email protected]
Contact No: 0945-8454086 | 0918-5168482 | 738-6711

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Besides the great tasting food, I also like how clean the place is. I’m glad that they prohibit smoking inside the rooms. Only the VIP room has a veranda, a place to smoke.

Monkey Mic Family KTV

I must say that it’s affordable. They only charge 70 pesos per head, per hour. If you want to extend, use my code: TRAVELWITHKARLA

Monkey Mic Family KTV
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  1. This looks like an amazing place to have group lunch or parties. The food looks yummy and it is fairly priced!

  2. The pasta, the nachos, the pizzza! Now I want to be at the Mic Family TV place! You definitely did unwind with a bunch of awesome friends and good food.

  3. sounds like a great place to enjoy yourself, eating and talking your special people. Your photos are so happy I am sure I would enjoy it too

  4. Sure looks like a nice place to unwind! The food and the KTV rooms look fantastic! I think the last time I was in a Karaoke Bar was way back in 2012! Oh goodness, I need to get out more often!

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