Seoul Night Activities

1. Experience the Hangang River Cruise

Hangang River Cruise is the best way to see the beautiful places around Han River.


2. Try Chimaek and Noraebang

Chimaek is a combination of Chicken and Maekju. If you walk around late at night, you’ll notice that the only establishments open are Chicken & Hof. They serve Korean Fried Chicken along with Maekju (Korean beer). You may eat there or you can take it to a noraebang!

Noraebang literally means song room. It’s a private singing room with a big screen, karaoke machines, disco lights, sofas, tables, and thousands of songs to choose from.

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3. Have a food trip at Myeongdong

Myeongdong is really famous for different kinds of street foods. If you’re on a budget, eating there will really help you save up. However, the beauty shops are really tempting!


4. Eat and drink at Pojangmacha(Red Tent)

Eating in a red tent than in a fancy restaurant will make you feel that you are blending in with the locals. Some Koreans spend time there drinking soju after work.


5. Have a coffee at themed coffee shops

CaFace 041816-8.jpg

There are so many themed cafes around Seoul. After having dinner, you might want to visit some of them: Hello Kitty Cafe, Sheep Cafe, Dog Cafe, Cat Cafe, CaFace, Poop Cafe.

6. Shop at the night markets.

You can visit the Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun Market, Kwang Jang Market and Noryangin Market.

7. Take a bath at Jjimjilbang!


It may be shocking at first (to see everyone naked), but you’ll really enjoy taking a bath in different pools with herbs. You can also use different sauna rooms. It’s a good way to detox and relax after a long day of traveling. And oh, you should try having a body scrub!

8. Go clubbing

Night clubs can be found at Gangnam, Itaewon, and Hongdae. I can’t say much about this because I’m not a party person. LOL.

9. Watch the city lights of Seoul at N Seoul Tower

You can hike going up or you may use the cable car. Namsan Seoul Tower is the highest point to glance the most beautiful images of Seoul. Many Korean Dramas were filmed there because of the love locks.

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10. Walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream

If you like long walks, you should go here. From Gwanghwamun square, you can arrive at Dongdaemun just by taking a walk along the stream. It’s really refreshing to walk there where you’ll see water, plants, and some animals. If you’re lucky, you might even witness some lantern exhibits.



  1. very interesting..i would love to try their Sauna and mag karaoke like sa mga kdrama na napapanood ko ?

  2. Wow! Korea is one in our bucket list! Hope we can visit this country as well and experience those things just like what my Korean Chefs told me about. Thanks for this Ms. Karla

  3. Great list of things to do in Seoul! I’m proud to say I’ve checked off everything from your list and can definitely vouch that this a great list to start with and this is just for the night! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice list ~ also the Banpo Bridge Fountain (which you can see if you take the Hangang River Cruise at night). Clubbing is fun especially at 3am when you see all the noisy drunk people walking along an invisible zigzag or those who drunk too much they puke anywhere! Hehe ~

  5. I love Jim Jil bangs in Korea and experiencing a cold rainy day in Taiwan, makes me wish I was in the comforts of a toasty room, a massage chair, hard boiled eggs and basin at Radio Town Jim Jil Bang in Daejeon.

  6. This is a great list of things to do in Seoul. I personally love noraebang and going to the jjimjilbang! I’ll miss those things so much when I leave!! Such quintessential things that everyone should experience in Korea!

  7. This is a really well thought out list for a visit to Seoul! While many people might overlook options like chimaek and the hangang, they might be encouraged by your words and I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time.

  8. I’ve done all of these and would recommend them again and again to visitors! Youve created such a great list of things residents like me do at least once a month. Being gome in canada for a quick holiday trip has me craving a night of kbbq and noraebang!

  9. Good post! Btw for those saving money, I heard that some people sleep in the jimjilbang as well and then wake up early ready to roam Seoul again, haha
    Another great place to roam around at night as well is Garosugil. Love the trees lining the tiny street. 🙂

  10. My favorite would be all the ones related to eating haha. I love that Koreans appreciate food as much, if not more, than me. My second favorite is the jimjilbang! Always a fantastic idea.

  11. I think the famous pastime of all Filipinos I knew in Korea were chimaek and norebang (food and singing? what’s there not to love??) Great list and so true! I love that you added jimjilbang because that really is a great way to spend an evening! Merry Christmas! Love the snowfall happening on your page right now! 😀

  12. So many fun thiings to do in Seoul! I’m going up there for New Years and there are still many things I need to do! I love norebang and chimaek! Chicken and beer is the best combo! hehe

  13. Great list. Always helpful when somebody else does the hard work of finding the good things to do so you can just enjoy them. I always search for posts like these before exploring a new city.

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