Pied Piper Gastrolounge turns One

The past week has been very busy. I and Adam Belda held our first V/BLOG Workshop for the South! Yayyy! It was a success that’s why it deserves a celebration. Where to party after a long day? We went to Pied Piper Gastrolounge.

We are so happy to be a part of their first anniversary celebration. It was a night full of fun, great music, and good food!

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We went there to party so we decided not to have a heavy meal. Look at the tasty food we tried:

Bacon Sushi Roll

Bacon Sushi Roll is their specialty. Who doesn’t love bacons and sushi? Don’t leave Pied Piper Gastrolounge without trying this.

Pied Piper Gastrolounge turns One
Bacon Sushi Roll (290)

Crispy Spareribs

I’m surprised that they have Crispy Spareribs on their menu. Instead of the usual grilled meat, Pied Piper decided to deep fry the spareribs. I like how tender the meat is!

Chicken BBQ + Bacon Bites

We tried some samples of their chicken barbecue and bacon bites. Bacon bites is one of their latest dish. The owner mentioned that their supplier is Mekeni. It’s great that they support local businesses.

Chicken BBQ (320)


Their Sisig is not spicy and a bit watery. It’s not the usual sizzling Sisig that I eat. By the way, the picture below is not the actual serving size of Sisig. HAHA!

Sisig (300)


They serve Japanese liquors, Wines, Hard Liquors, and Cocktails. If you’re not a drinker, they also have non alcoholic beverages.

Pied Piper Gastrolounge turns One

Pied Piper Menu

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The staff are very accommodating. We were even welcomed by the owner. It was a Saturday night when we went there so we catch a live band. One of my friends, Zeus even sang with the band.

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Pied Piper Gastrolounge does not only cater Millennials but also Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Z. It’s okay for all ages! I’ve seen some oldies and kids there. I like that it has a wholesome image despite being a bar.

Karla Obispo
Pied Piper Gastrolounge turns One

Pied Piper Gastrolounge is located at the Ground Floor of Red Planet Hotel Manila Bay, Aquiza Street Corner Alhambra Street, Ermita, Manila 0930. It’s near the US Embassy, PAGCOR, and some travel agencies.Follow them on their social media sites:

Follow them on their social media sites:

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  1. Sa Next Gig uliy natin bar ulit ah. 🙂 Anyway, ang sarap nung crispy spareribs nila ang lambot pa and perfect for pulutan or papakin nalang 🙂

  2. My Saturday friends! I cannot wait to bond with you soonest! Am I being too clingy? haha! I dreamt of the crispy spareribs! Unforgettable!

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