Rainbow Dreams Cafe

I’m not a fan of unicorns but I love visiting themed cafes.

I enjoy checking out the latest trend, eating delicious meals, and of course wearing costumes!

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I’ve read a couple of blogs about Rainbow Dreams Cafe. Some people go there because it’s an Instagram-worthy place. They say that everything is cute. Some enjoy their food while others say it’s nothing special. Some go there alone, others go there with family. Someone even celebrated her birthday there. If you’re a fan of Alyssa Valdez, you might even get a chance to see her because she owns it!

I went there to see it myself. So let me give my honest review for Rainbow Dreams Cafe. I and my college friends went there last Saturday (December 9) for our annual get together.

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Before anything else, you have to know that you need to finish your meal first before trying their onesies. You need to order worth 150 pesos to avail one. Since we are three, we tried to order three different flavors: Strawberry, Cookies and Cream & Ube Macapuno. Smoothies are just 120 pesos so we added a unicorn cheesecake.

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Their presentation is so adorable! Instagram-worthy as they say. However, the taste is so terrible! It literally tastes like sugar. There’s too much whipped cream, and it tastes extremely sweet.  I didn’t finish my drink because I felt that I need to throw up. Trust me, I’m not being exaggerated on this.

My stomach became upset after few sips and scoops. I went to their restroom just to vomit the food the milkshake. I regret trying them.


This cheesecake is so cute and vibrant but it’s really not worth the price. I just thought that what we pay is for the onesie rental and the food is just free. LOL.


When we went there, we were entertained by a beautiful waitress wearing a tutu. At that time, she was alone in taking orders and serving. After some time, another guy waiter came wearing a yellow good morning shirt.

To be honest, I expected the people there to be jolly and good vibes. But none of them smile at us. I guess they are too tired because they are overworked/ understaffed. It’s just 3 pm that time but both of them really look haggard.

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  • For private vehicles, just input “80 Maginhawa” on your Waze App.
  • For commuters:
    From EDSA, ride a bus/jeep/fx going to Fairview/UP/PHILCOA. Drop off at PHILCOA (landmark: Ministop), then take a red tricycle going to 80 Maginhawa.

Check out their Facebook Page: Rainbow Dreams Cafe

If you wanna be a unicorn for a day  few minutes, this is one of the places to visit. But if you’re very OC, I think you can’t wear their onesies because they only have few and they don’t smell good. Also, the place is too hot for people to wear a costume. I’m not sure if their air con is working properly.

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Rainbow Dreams Cafe is indeed a very Instagrammable place to visit. The interior, the food, and the stuff around will really make your Instagram colorful. It’s a kind of place that you will only visit once. After trying, I don’t think people will go back to that place. They should improve their menu to gain regular customers.



  1. Really? That’s too bad to hear. I even included this cafe on my bucket list for my next year’s trip to Manila. I guess I just have crossed this one out. Thanks for your honest review Karla.

  2. I have been there and I agree with your review. It looks like the onesies haven’t been washed for I don’t know since when. It’s unhygienic to make people use them. The food is too sweet, I agree. There is this umay factor after only a few bites and those are just waffles we ordered. Since a celebrity owns this, I hope she’d consider making improvements.

    Great photos, by the way! 🙂

  3. The photos were so awesome but after reading your review I understand why this concept won’t work in my country. You don’t need to be OC to know the costumes are not washed that often. Too bad the food was bad, because it looks phantastic.

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