Corregidor Island Itinerary

Corregidor Island is one of the most historical islands in the Philippines. The Corregidor Island was fortified with coastal artillery to defend the entrance of Manila Bay. It’s filled with tunnels created by Americans and Japanese.

Corregidor Island Itinerary

Ferry Schedule at Esplanade Seaside Terminal

6:30 amCheck in at the Terminal
7:00 amBoarding Time
7:30 amEstimated Time of Departure from Manila
9:00 amEstimated Time of Arrival to Corregidor Island
2:30 pmEstimated Time of Departure from Corregidor Island
4:00 pmEstimated Time of Arrival to Manila

The itinerary will highly depend on your tour package. They have four packages: Chill, Thrill, Learn, and Cheers.

Chill Package

Chill Package is for people who travel mainly for relaxation. This includes glamping, swimming, spa and massage, sunset and sunrise viewing, and movie by the beach with bonfire.

Corregidor Island Itinerary

Thrill Package

Thrill Package is for the adventurous people. This includes “The Rock Challenge“, an activity design for team building. In this challenge, physical and mental tasks will be given in exchange for clues hidden in Corregidor Island’s historical landmarks. A minimum of 10 people is required to experience this 2-3 hr challenge.

Corregidor Island Itinerary

If you’re not into team building, you can also try the Island Pike XP. It’s a picnic and hike experience. Other activities includes Biking, Nature Hike, Camp Adventure, Rock Balancing, and Kayaking. For the brave ones, try the Night Lateral Tunnel Tour, and the Army Post Hospital Tour.

Corregidor Island Itinerary

Learn Package

Corregidor Educational Tour is tailor-made for students and the academe. Some groups avail this package for team buildings, photography classes, hotel and tour familiarization, and ferry familiarization program.

Corregidor Island Itinerary

Cheers Package

They also cater weddings, pre-nuptials, birthdays, and corporate events.

Corregidor Island Itinerary


Corregidor Historical Tram Tour includes Round trip Ferry transfers, Guided Island Tour, Shrine and Island Entrance Fees, Buffet Lunch and Day Tour Kit.

  • For Adults: Php 3,358 (weekday), Php 3,629 (weekend)
  • For Kids: Php1,944

Corregidor Overnight Package includes the same package above plus the overnight accommodation.

  • Single Room – Php 5,250
  • Twin/Double – Php 7,500
  • Extra Bed – Php 3,500
  • Family Room (5pax) – Php 15,000

Other Packages:

  • Corregidor Adventure Game – Php 3,500 (minimum 15 pax)
  • Corregidor Historical Walking Tour – Php 2,100 (minimum 5 pax)
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I have three reasons to go back to Corregidor Island: history, nature, and people. First, the island is full of history. Every location has its own interesting stories.

Inside Malinta Tunnel

Second, it’s perfect for nature lover like me. I love the sunrise and sunset viewing part of the trip. Moreover, I’ve seen lots of monkeys and birds during the tour.

Lastly, the staff are not only accommodating, but also very knowledgeable about the history. I felt how passionate they are with their job.

For booking, here’s the email address and contact number of Sun Cruises.
632-8834-6857 / 0998-9683256 / 0998-9683056

I’m going to talk about the Corregidor Inn and La Playa Restaurant on my next blog post!

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  1. Corregidor Educational Tour looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit! It is an added bonus when you find enjoyment and knowledge in the same place. Wonderful photos BTW!

  2. thanks for sharing all the information of this place. I would love to visit there. There is lot of things to do

  3. There’s so much fun in the Philippines. I don’t have too much time to explore and have a long vacation But once I did. I might consider this.

  4. I’ve been to Corregidor twice already but they didn’t have the other tour packages yet. Might give this a try when my son is a bit older. Great field trip idea, too, for homeschoolers like us.

  5. Corregidor Educational Tour sounds like an amazing tour! I especially like that everyone you encountered that worked there was entertaining and knowledgable

    1. Yes, kwela pa nung tour guide namin hehe. Pati kabit ni General McArthur kilala haha!

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