Korean Uniform Experience

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Naksan Park – Filming Location of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Besides wearing a hanbok, one of my bucket lists is to wear a Korean Uniform! I’ve always wanted to try it because of the Korean Dramas I watched.

Korean Dramas wearing uniform

Heirs | Boys Over Flowers | Dream High | Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Monstar | Goong | High School Love On | To The Beautiful You | School 2013 | The Liar and His Lover

Old School Korean Uniform Experience

You can rent some old school uniforms from 졸리상점 while using the various school rooms and displays. It can be your backdrops for photos. This is super popular with Korean students on the weekends. It costs 5,000 won for one hour, and 8,000 won for two hours.

You may also roam around the Ihwa Mural Village if you wanna have some colorful backgrounds. You’ll never get bored walking because every street is really interesting!

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I didn’t have a hard time pretending to be a student because I really look like one. I’m so petite, reaching for the handle in this installation looks hard for me. Haha!

Korean Uniform Experience (7).jpg


Does this house look familiar to you?

  • It was featured in the drama Doctors, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
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Korean Uniform Experience

How to get there:

  1. Take the Seoul subway line 4 and get off at  Hyehwa station exit 2
  2. Walk straight and turn left (4 blocks)
  3. Walk straight till you see Di Matteo Pizzeria & Trattoria on your left
  4. You will see Ihwa Village entrance from there turn left then turn right and follow the Naksan hike trail.


  1. Hi Karla. First of all, this blog is very helpful!!! I was searching for a korean student uniform rental around Seoul area as I cannot go to Suncheon for my prewedding photos. Thank you so much for this blog. You rock!!! ?

  2. I had no idea you could rent school uniforms a la those K-dramas! You are rockin’ that hat girl! Great choice to frolic around Ihwa Mural Village in that outfit, it really is working for you!

  3. My husband made the music for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! I didn’t even realize that was a house in it. I’m glad you were able to find time to get over to Hyehwa and have your uniform experience. It’s definitely a fun area to have it in that’s for sure. The street art over there is just beautiful.

  4. You suit really suit your Korean uniform. It looks so cute ??? I saw people wearing this in Jeonju and also the uniforms from the 70s. It’s strangely popular but a nice change from hanbok (and mkre comfortable!)

  5. I’ve never gotten into K-dramas, but this looks like it could be fun for the day. I’ve heard of people renting hanboks for photoshoots, but never school uniforms! I guess there’s really something for everyone! On the other hand, I really want to check out Ihwa Mural village…. thanks for the inspiration to get over there and check it out!

  6. Oh my, even uniforms are for rent! hahaha! But you do look like a Korean student so nobody would think you’re just renting it. I had a good time going around Ihwa Mural Village with friends…. not in uniform though:-)

  7. I’m glad you had such a good time. This doesn’t seem like a thing for guys. Well not a usual thing but I guess if you have a little kinky side then this might be right up someone’s alley. 🙂

  8. Very cute outfit. Actually, it reminds me of a sexy sailor outfit, especially with your red lipstick. I had no idea that Korean school uniforms ever looked like this. The photos look fabulous!

    1. First, you have to pay 5,000 won (good for 1 hr).
      Second, choose the color or style of the uniform.
      Third, let them know your size.
      Fourth, change your clothes in the dressing room. (You may leave your stuff there)
      Lastly, go back to the shop on time 🙂

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