One Day Hanbok

If you are following me on Facebook, you’ll know how much I love wearing hanbok. I even made a list about the places you can use it for free! I’ve tried a couple of hanboks but this time is different. I was able to go around wearing the hanbok!

Last week was my mom and sister’s first time in Korea! Actually, it’s their first trip out of the country. Because of that, I want them to have the best experience. I don’t want to settle for just a regular hanbok that’s why I chose One Day Hanbok.

One Day Hanbok (2).jpg

I, my sister, and my mom wandered around the Bukchon Hanok Village.

5 Reasons why I recommend One Day Hanbok:

1. The staff are very accommodating.

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They respond fast to the inquiries online.

  • Check out their Facebook Page:
  • You can make a reservation using email:
  • If you have a business inquiry  you may email them here:

2. They have everything you need for hair styling.

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They provide necessities for hair-styling such as hair curler, bobby pins, and hair bands. You can take your time in putting on some make up and in doing your hair.

3. They have variety of accessories.

One Day Hanbok (1)

One Day Hanbok (4)

4. The location is perfect.

One Day Hanbok.JPG

It’s near the Bukchon Hanok Village, and three palaces. Everything is accessible by walking.

5. They have hanboks for all ages!

One Day Hanbok (5)


I’ve been a fan of free hanbok experience but I realized that the experience is better when you walk around the palaces wearing the hanbok.

Hanbok Rental Fee:

  • 4 hrs = 15,000 won (additional hour 4,500 won)
  • 1 Day = 28,000 won