Trick Eye Museum

People go to Hongdae to do shopping, attend wild parties, and watch street performances. It is indeed one of the busiest places in Seoul. If your accommodation is near Hongdae you should also visit Trick Eye Museum!

Few months ago, I and my sister visited Miracle in Art Museum (at The District Cavite) and Art in Island Interactive Museum (at Quezon City) in Philippines. We really enjoy taking pictures in those museums with optical illusions. I think those places are really interesting especially for kids.

My 8 year old sister came to Korea last week and I got so excited to make an itinerary suitable for her. I decided to bring her in Trick Eye Museum on her first day.

5 reasons why you should visit Trick Eye Museum

1. The exhibits are touchable.

Trick Eye Museum.jpg
Everything in this museum is touchable! You’ll never see a “Do not touch” sign.

2. You can experience winter any time of the year.

Trick Eye Museum.jpg
My sister endured the coldness to see the ice hotel. It was cold but she really enjoyed it.

3. There’s a sensual art exhibit called love museum.

Satisfy your fantasies with life size exhibits. We skipped it because kids aren’t allowed inside. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to go back there and write a separate blog about it.

4. You can drink a coffee with your face on it!

Trick Eye Museum 2
This drink costs 8,500 won.

5. It’s the first and only AR Museum in the world.

Trick Eye Museum 6.jpeg
Trick Eye Museum 3.jpeg
Trick Eye Museum 2
Trick Eye Museum.jpeg
There’s a Trick Eye App specifically created for all the photo spots in the museum.

Check out our video in my YouTube Channel!


I highly recommend this for tourists who are traveling with kids. Well, I must say that it’s not only for kids, but also teenagers, adults, and oldies can surely enjoy taking pictures inside the museum.

Trick Eye Museum.jpg

The staff are nice. They are very approachable. They can also speak English so it’s really foreigner friendly.

Even though it’s in a basement, you won’t have a hard time looking for it. They also have a big exhibit outside the place where you can take pictures.


Admission Fee includes Trick Eye Museum & Ice Museum:
Adults – 18,000 won (+8,000 won if you’re going to Love Museum)
Children (below 18) – 12,000 won

The museum is open from 9am to 9pm. Their last admission is 8pm.

How to go there:
Take the Seoul Subway Line 2 and get off at Hongik Station Exit 9

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  1. I went to The Trick Eye Museum in Busan right before leaving Korea and it was a great laugh! I had so much fun. That coffee is so funny but I would feel guilty drinking it haha. How did it taste? Was it decent or are you paying more for the novelty?

  2. What an entertaining place. Your sister is soo cute, especially near the toilet in the ice hotel. I like how they combined various attractions together. We only ever get just the Trick Eye Museum in Daejeon or have to travel to Jeju for Love Land or to Iceland for the Ice Hotel. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. I love interactive art exhibits! They are definitely the best for kids, but I like being able to touch everything too. As for the Love Museum next door, I’ve heard it’s a bit creepy, so maybe you didn’t miss out on much.

  4. Ah this is on my Seoul bucket list! Many of my friends have visited and highly recommended it too. Do you have any other museums in Seoul you like to go to?

  5. This looks like a great adventure for kids, although I will point out that the Superman seated at the entrance has more going on that meets the eye… Also, it sounds like the sensual part of the museum would be a lot of fun for visiting adults!

  6. I always see photos from here and they make me laugh! It looks like loads of fun but we haven’t made it yet, hope we can visit in the next few months. So many awesome photo opportunities! Hope you had a great time with your sister.

  7. I went here years ago and really enjoyed it. So many fun exhibits to interact with, and it’s just a hoot with the right friends. I’ve been meaning to go again, but I hardly ever go to Seoul anymore! That’s got to change soon. Thanks for the entertaining photos 🙂

  8. The trick eye museum was something we wanted to do but kept as a back up for a rainy or cold day. I’m sad we never actually had the chance to go! It seems like it could be such a fun activity to do while having your little sister visiting! Hope you guys had a great time together!

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