How to Get Free Products from Thalera?

Thalera is the first-ever FREE online subscription box for the consumers in the Philippines. People can get free products from Thalera just by clicking the subscribe button in their website.

Thalera believes that in an age where consumer products have infinite options, consumers are entitled to their own choice for the products they use or consume by trying them first before they purchase them in stores. In the easiest and convenient way to experience free products from top brands delivered by a reliable courier partner, we make unboxing a truly valuable experience while you explore great products that matches your taste and choice.

How to Get Free Products from Thalera

How to get free products from Thalera:

  1. Visit their website:
  2. Click the subscribe button.
  3. Fill out the form about consumer information. It includes your name, birthday, contact details, gender, and civil status.
  4. Enter the consumer account details: email address and password.
  5. Provide your residential address.
  6. Indicate your interests. This will help them determine which type of products to send.
  7. Click the submit button and wait for your #FREEvoritemoment to arrive.

What’s inside Thalera Box?

Disclaimer: This is an exclusive box for bloggers. It’s different from the boxes they send to regular subscribers.

Free Products from Thalera

I got a total of five products: Moringa-O Herbal Shampoo, Gluta-C Body Lotion, 2 boxes of Gluta-C Facial Serum, 3 bars of Gluta-C Face & Body Soap, and 6 small sachets of Gluta-C Whitening Facial Cream.

How to Get Free Products from Thalera

As of now, I’ve only tried the Gluta-C Face & Body Soap and the Body lotion. After a week of using them, I didn’t really notice any significant change in my skin tone. However, I would like to say that both of the products smell good. I love the lotion not only because it’s not greasy but also it has SPF 25, I don’t need to use any sunblock before leaving the house. As for the soap, I think it has a peeling effect on my skin. I’ve noticed that it makes dead skin soft and easy to be removed.

I haven’t tried the other products so I don’t have any comments yet. I’ll make sure to update this post and as usual, make an honest reviews about the products.

How to contact them:


  1. it looks and sounds fantastic! I wouldn’t mind buying the box but getting it for free is even better. thank you for introduction to the brand, now I want to know more about it.

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