Petite France

Petite France is a small French culture village in Korea. If you’re visiting Nami Island, you may also visit this too.

If you wanna go there, you really need to make time for it. It’s far from Seoul.
I enjoyed the “French feels” in the area. I felt that I was in Europe.

They have attractions which feature The Little Prince.

They have replicas of Eiffel Tower and other “French stuff”
PS Some scenes from the Secret Garden and My love from a Star were taken in this place. <3

How to go there:
Take the subway to Cheongpyeong Station/ Gapyeong Station
Get on the shuttle bus for Gapyeong Tourist Attraction (Gapyeong Tour Bus) 

Keep in mind the schedule of the bus!

Bus fee – 6,000 won
Entrance fee – 8,000 won


I went back there last Spring. It was raining but I was able to take better pictures.

Petite France

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