Monthly Archive: September, 2016

Love in the Moonlight Update

Park Bo Gum will have an Asian Tour! Check out the 8 places he will visit.


National Hangeul Museum

Hangeul is the most valued treasure of Korea’s heritage.

National Museum of Korea

The sixth largest museum in the world

War Memorial of Korea

Take a glimpse to the history of Korean War

Korean Folk Village

A journey to the Joseon Dynasty

Hanbok Experience

Trip to Korea won’t be complete without wearing a hanbok!

Chuseok Itinerary

Take a peek into my Chuseok Itinerary! <3

Insadong Adventure (Part 2)

Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum, and Dark Room experience

Philippines (Week 4&5)

Tales from my 1 month vacation in the Philippines (Part 4)