Tagaytay, Philippines

It’s definitely not my first time in Tagaytay. Because it’s August, the weather in the Philippines isn’t good for outdoor activities. I opted to bring my family to not so touristy places.

Our first stop is Memory Lane. It’s a 50’s/60’s inspired restaurant owned by Jolina Magdangal. She’s a celebrity in the Philippines. We arrived there at around 10am. Unfortunately, it opens at 11am. Since I am with impatient kids, we decided to have some coffee time instead.Philippines (13)

Starbucks Twin Lakes is the nearest coffee shop. We went there not just for the coffee but for the ambiance.


Because I’m craving for some Filipino foods, we went to Balinsasayaw Restaurant. Would you believe that I only spent 3,000 pesos ($65) for our meal? Filipino food is really cheap yet delicious!

Philippines (14)

After lunch, we went to Ayala Malls Serine. I and my sister went to a play room while the others are shopping. I really had a great time dressing up an alive doll. My sister is really a blessing to me.

Tagaytay (2).jpg

I hope you had a great weekend too! <3






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