5 Reasons why you should go out with your grandparents

5 Reasons why you should go out with you grandparents

  1. They have a lot of free time.

    Most of the grandparents are already retired. They just spend the whole day taking care of their grandchildren. They would appreciate some time out of the house.

  2. They don’t have a big appetite.

    They can’t even finish one hotdog sandwich. Instead of having one, you can eat one and a half. You can also buy one large popcorn instead of two.

  3. They have 20% discount on food!

    You can go to expensive restaurants, without really spending a lot. The more food you buy, the more discount you’ll have. Do I need to say more?

  4. They have special privileges.

    They have an express line. You don’t need to wait in line because there’s a special line for senior citizens. In our place, senior citizens can watch movies for free.

  5. They deserve it!

    After all their hardships in raising you and your parents, they deserve a treat once in a while. It’s our duty to make them happy. <3