Seorae Island

The Banpo Seorae Island is an artificial island built in the mid-1980s. It is located in Banpo-jigu District by the Hangang riverside. The island is connected to Hangang Banpo Park by three bridges. The island features weeping willows along the edges, as well as a migratory bird habitat, flower garden, water ski site, and more.

This is the most beautiful bridge that connects Banpo Park to Seoraeseom. This is the first bridge you’ll see from Dongjak Station.

There are also benches like these. The pond behind me is suitable for fishing.

The Seorae Island has also some photo spots like this rainbow.

The rapeseed flowers aren’t that tall so you have to be creative in taking pictures.

I chose to crouch so that the background will be filled with yellow flowers. LOL.

The park is really relaxing. I’ve seen some people having their picnics there… and of course a lot of people go there to have their photoshoot.

How to go there:

Take Seoul Subway Line 4 going to Dongjak Station (Exit 2)


137-41, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul & Hangang River Waterfront Banpo District<

Admission Fee:
It’s free!