Miss Lee Cafe

Miss Lee Cafe is the only cafe I visited last Month. It has many branches in around Seoul but the one I visited is located at Insadong. I think it’s famous because there’s a movie filmed there.

I tried their dosirak. Dosirak means Korean packed lunch boxes. It is usually a rice with seaweed, kimchi, sausage, gochujang, egg. There are different versions of box lunches in Asian countries like Japan (bento), Philippines (baon), Taiwan (biandang) and India (tiffin).

Personally, I think that the price is too expensive for the main dish. It’s just rice, kimchi, fried egg, and sausage. I don’t recommend this place for food trip. I should have tried their bingsu instead. Bingsu is shaved ice with different toppings of sweets, nuts, or ice cream and fruit.

The place is unique and cozy. You can leave a note, and even write in a postcard. Yes, they give free post cards with their logo on it.

It’s memorable to me because it’s my first time to dine out alone. It has always been my plan to eat out alone but I’m always too shy or scared. LOL. I finally made it! #independentwoman hahaha!

How to go there: 

Take a bus/train to Anguk Station. Then walk for 3 minutes going to Insadong.

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