Namsan Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is Namsan’s most famous tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy a view of Seoul.

Some people use the stairs to go there, but I chose to ride the cable car. 
A round trip ticket costs 8,500 won.

I went here to see the love locks. I wasn’t disappointed. They’re really adorable!

There are lots of attractions at the top of the tower: alive museum, teddy bear museum, observatory, restaurants, and cafe.

This concludes my experience at the tower.

How to go there:
Take subway line 4 to Myeongdong Station (Exit 3) then walk 10 mins to the Namsan Cable Car.

It’s free but if you want to go the observatory, you have to pay the ff:

Adult: 9,000 won
Teenager: 7,000 won
Senior: 7,000 won
Child: 5,000 won

There are also admission fees in the museums.