Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is one of the biggest palaces located in Seoul. People go here to watch the changing of palace guards.

Ticket to Deoksugung Palace
I’m so glad I arrived just in time for the changing of guards. 


This is the gate which divides the future (buildings) from the past (palace).
These are some antique stuff which can be found inside the palace. I’ve tried ringing a bell like that in the Bosingak Belfry. It’s an awesome experience.
I think that’s the main building in the palace.
I’m really more fascinated with the pathways that the buildings itself. LOL. 
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art can also be found inside the premises of the palace. Admission isn’t free. It changes depending on the exhibit. I’m not into modern art so I skipped this part. 😉


Look how cute this sundial is! I like to see old stuff which I can touch. Hihihi. I hate the “Do not touch” signs in other museums LOL. 


This building is different from the others because of its Medieval Architecture.


I met some Korean girls wearing hanbok. If you wear one, you can go inside the palaces for free!

You can see some stuff like these inside the palace.

How to go there:
Take the subway to City Hall Station (Exit 2 or 12)

Admission:Adult: 1,000 won
Child: 500 won

It’s open from 9 am to 9 pm but they are not open on Mondays.


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